7 Easy Tips for Using Time Management

By | December 30, 2018
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It is taught from our childhood that “Time is Money” probably had taken memorise from the fear of the teacher, but how many people adopted it in life?

Time is something that nobody can interpret, but yes if you have time, then you have everything.

Sometimes, by giving time to any relationship, that relationship will improve and also improve. Never give any time to a project, the project will be better than ‘more than average’. And if the money is being made, then the world has become rich only, who has recognised the value of time at the right time.

This article of today will help you to see time with a different perspective, as well as teach you Time Management.

Mr. Arnold Bennett says that whenever you wake up in the morning, you get 24 hours in your purse without doing anything. It is 24 hours that no one can steal from you, nor can anyone snatch it and no one can increase it.

This is yours, now whether you use it or not, there is no one to punish you. Nobody will ask you what you did 24 hours. It’s your life, live your 24 hours … or either squeeze these 24 hours.

1. Make your OWN time table, and follow it

Time-table, schedule is all make, but who is it to accept it? Let’s assume two to four days, but after two days all of them are there right there. This happens for two reasons, one-laziness, second-time restrictions. To get rid of it, you have to make your own ‘time’ table and your means completely yours.

At 6 o’clock in the morning all get up, at 9 o’clock everyone sleeps, so how did they get your own time table? It does not mean that it does not rise early in the morning or sleep early on the night, both of these functions are very good for your brain and body but those who work at home and work at night at 2 pm get the best ideas. What will he do after getting up early?

I think he should work overnight and sleep in the morning. If we all work differently, then our time table should also be different.

  • Be sure to include your body needs such as 6-8 hours of sleep, etc. in your time table.
  • Do not do any distracting work by cutting the rest of the time, because relaxation is very important for the body.
  • Do not be lazy. Follow Time Table.

So Time Management’s first tips will be to “Create your own separate time table, which will pay attention to your body and work and follow it.”

2. To-do list and prioritisation

Time-table is a common everyday thing. But every day there is a separate list. The work that is settled on the same day. To-Do list is a task list that says, what you have to do throughout the day. But what is the relationship with Prioritisation?

The relation is that follow the task list, but to sort the tasks according to the necessity, or rather, make the primary according to Urgency.

You have to understand that every work has a time and every work is not necessary in that moment. If you adopt this method and divide your work according to need, then your work will be very easy and you will not have to worry about future work because once you write something on a piece of paper , He just sat on your head, not just on paper. This is not an absurd thing.

Whenever you look at something with your eyes, it remains in the brain for a long time, while your imagined actions that you have to fulfil, your brain forgets it soon. This method is even more beneficial for those who have a habit of forgetting things. Keep a diary planer or take advantage of your smartphone and create your To-Do List in it.

Then there will be other tips for Time Management, “Create a work schedule and order it according to the needs.”

3. Eliminate time absorbing things

Now even when your time table is ready and to-do list, then remove all those things from your life that are wasting your precious time.

Like your table, maybe your table is filled with books and files, or you have to find instead of getting clothes in the morning. Unknowingly, they are wasting your precious time. If you lose 5 minutes daily, it means 35 minutes a week and 2 hours 34 minutes in the month.

We ignore these small things, which may choke afterwards. So in order to take care of these small things you have to plan.

  • Where will the things be?
  • What will be changed after how many days?

Make a separate time for all of them so that they do not have to lose 5-5 minutes every day. Then the third tips for Time Management will be “Do not ignore small things, because a spark is enough, to set fire.”

4. Avoid multitasking and focus on one at a time

Now talk about the way to work. Today all make sure on multitasking. To do more than one work at one time, it is called Time Management. But is that really so? Multitasking is good for some extent, like- it is good to listen to music while doing maths. When talking to something big, multitasking can prove to be harmful.

It is said that, Multitasking, your attention is broken in two or three parts, so your skills are also broken and the work that should be done in 1 hour takes many hours. Speaking specifically, if doing any work while studying or office work, stay away from your social medias because it does not know the time when it has passed.

So the Fourth Tips for Time Management will be that, “Do multitasking by seeing time and work, because it has less profit and more losses and avoid social medias. “

5. Efficiency is more than efforts

Anyone working, should be Efficient. Because everyone sees the final form of work, hard work behind them rarely sees. Your responsibility is to work well, but work should be done by you. It is not necessary. These measures are definitely not for the students.

It happens so many times that in the short run, you forget to make the job Efficient and try to finish the job as well, to avoid such situations, you have to do it:

  • Have a good relationship with people so that they can help you on time. Increase your communication skills for this and make good connections with friends, colleagues.
  • Outsourcing has become a huge option nowadays. Get her help. This will save you a lot of time.

So the fifth Tip of Time Management will be that “Look at the quality of work, not on the job. Decide yourself which work you have to do and what else to do other. Just say, doing a professional would be better. “

6. Step out of your comfort zone

By saying “we have a lot of time now” we avoid many things. Keeping yourself in a circle, which is a pleasant scope, is harmful for you and your precious time. Get out of your realm, bring a passion inside yourself. Your time will not be left untimely.

“Step out of your comfort zone and your comfort zone expands.”

Once you go out and see, through your scope, your pleasant range will increase. But yes, it will definitely take some time. So Sixth Tips for Time Management will be that “You do not run behind the comforts, sometimes some challenges can change you.”

7. Motivate and de-stress yourself

Now talk about Time Management’s last tips. Being fed up with their work, forgetting to work out the “mood is bad” and forgetting to make the right use of time. It is natural because we are human, but do you know that we can dodge our brain?

It is very easy, just explain to your mind that you are happy and it is very important to work now. Give yourself inspiration and eradicate the stress of ourselves.

  • Make an environment around you like everything else is giving you inspiration. Insert some inspirational quotes around you, include a fantasy image of your floor, in your environment.
  • You know very well what your mind needs, then comfort your mind in that matter.
  • If needed, scare yourself a little, ‘What will happen if this work is not completed till this time?’ But keep the tension away from yourself as well. Stress is such a thing, which makes the man too angry.

So it was 7 Time Management Tips Hope you liked it and you wished to get help from it.

This article has been written with great interest, and the information has been gathered from the books. If you liked this article and found it beneficial, do not forget to share it with your friends and tell in the comments.

Thank You For Reading!

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