A Blank Paper – Real Love Story

By | December 15, 2018
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It was about 40 years ago that when marriage was not considered to be a match of two hearts, it was just like a ritual. But when two strangers suddenly begin to share their life with someone, when somebody starts feeling respected in the heart, then there is love even when you do not want it. Well, you know so much, and you must have known why we are telling you this love story today, yes, today we have come here with another love story, blank paper.

Rashmita was the most fickle in the house. Have fun all day long and if she fill it with all this, then come home to the house of aunt. It was his job all day long. Say that the life of the street was our 14 year old Rashmita. There was no relationship from reading and writing. However, 40 years ago, who used to concentrate on reading and writing of girls in that era? Though Rashmita loved everybody in the house but she was the grandfather’s life. From his childhood she had read the lesson of life to her grandfather. Often grandfather talks about her marriage to tease her, but only after listening to the marriage, Rashmita tease like she is getting married today.

One day Grandfather’s childhood friend came to meet him. Rashmita touched his feet and brought water for them. Grandfather introducing Rashmita and said, “Rashmita, recognize them … This is our ice cream companion.”. Rashmita was happy to hear about Grandfather’s But Rishmita’s smile liked Grandfather’s  friend so much that he decided to make Rashmita the daughter in law of her house and also talked about the relationship.

Grandfather was very happy to have a relationship with such a good house for his daughter. On the next spring, it was decided to marry Rashmita daughter to a big fanfare. As soon as Rashmita got to know about her marriage, she began to cry. He felt that his whole house, grandfather and his entire family were leaving behind.

Well it was to be. A 14 year old girl knew only about marriage that she should now leave her home and live life time in another’s house. This marriage was done with great fanfare and Rashmita’s meeting with her husband for the first time and the next day Rashmita’s father came to take Rashmita.

Just then, Rashmita came to live sometime in maternal home sometime in-laws. But she did not have a good relationship with her husband and she often fight like both are children. Even on that day Rashmi was unhappy with her husband that Rashmita’s father came to take Rashmita.

Rishmita said to her husband while going to her maternal house, “Now I will not come in your house”
Rashmita’s husband also said in anger, “Do not even come, till i not calling”
Rashmita quipped, “Well, how can I know if you have called or not?”

Rishmita’s day passed very well in maternal home. When someone asked Rashmi about her husband, she would pinch it, saying, “It is good, but there are some stupid ones.” And all smiles.
About 15 days later Rashmita’s father-in-law came to Rashmita. Rashmita expressed his desire to stay in the maternal house for a few days. The father-in-law also agreed with respect to Rashmita’s talk.

After a few days, father-in-law had come. However, Rashmita was also reminding her in-laws, till then, but she had not yet got the message of blank paper. Therefore, Rashmita made an excuse not to go into the in-laws with her mother. Mother explained Rashmita a lot but Rashmita did not listen to anyone. father-in-law went too.

Rashmita’s in-laws were all upset about Rashmita’s by refusing to come. Here Rashmita’s family was also convincing Rashmita, but Rashmita was not ready to listen to anyone. No one could understand what the hell is going on. This discussion was going on in-laws’ time that Rashmita’s husband told the whole thing about “blank paper”.

The next day Rashmita’s father-in-law came with blank paper taken to Rashmita . Rashmita was waiting for the moment, write the name of her husband on blank paper, bind her stuff, Rashmita reached in-laws on the next day. But everything had changed in her heart for her husband. Rasmita had now found her life partner. Today, Rashmita talked to her husband, but with a blank paper talk, she was fun for two years …

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