A Chance – Best Inspirational Story

By | April 23, 2019

A Chance – Best Inspirational Story

Once two travellers were travelling on foot, their goal was to earn money and get success and success. Because they received a boon from God, that unlimited money could be received during the journey. But they have to do all the work carefully, the condition was that they could not never be able to go back more than one foot from their place, otherwise they will be stacked immediately. Both of them loaded themselves with food and drink and both of them went on their journey….A Chance – Best Inspirational Story

After quite a walk, then they had to walk on a stony road suddenly. There were several boards on it, which were written, “Whoever raises these stones, he will eventually repent.”

A passenger furiously said, “It is a strange instruction that if you pick up, you will cry and if you do not pick up, you will cry also. But still, I pick up a small pebble and keep it in a pocket. “

The second said, “When we could have to cry in both condition, then why should I lift it?”

Then both of them walked,there was a good road somewhere in the middle … and somewhere the board was visible in the middle. The journey was quite difficult, but in the end they reached the last stage and the road became very good. When they walked further, it was written, “Your journey is over.”

The Thinking – Inspirational Speech

Below it was written in small letters, “The travellers had seen the stones lying on the road, they were invaluable diamonds. If you’ve pick up something, then go and sell them, earn both money and success. But which chance you lost, you can not get it back. “

Who did not raise a single stone, he began to cry by reciting the words written on the board … and said, “With God’s grace there were many pockets in my clothes and there were also many bags on my back … Even after that, I did not pick up a single stone. I could not recognised which i came here for that thing. If wanted, I could fill in bags too, but even did not keep in the pocket. “

Who raised a small pebble, also began to cry, “Lord, when I had to raise, why did I just pick a pebble? I could fill my bag and could fill all my pockets too. ” What happens later? Now the journey was over and thus both the passengers were still thirsty by coming to the well.

Friends, God gives us many opportunities everywhere and often. We only have to recognise them and many times we give those opportunities as useless. And later regret, that we wish we could do it. But by then it is too late So recognise the opportunities. God gives us the opportunity and if we identify him, work hard in the right direction, then success will go on finding himself.

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