A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

By | April 24, 2019
A Little Knowledge

If there are no information about things, then by saying this, earning knowledge is a good thing. But even without knowledge, it is to pretend that everything comes, it is a wrong thing. By this does not get any benefit from anyone. Conversely, there is also the loss of others along with us.

The women of Kamala’s neighbourhood were going to make papad, but Kamla did not know to make papad. But she did not want to tell this thing. She felt that, if she told any woman in the neighbourhood that, she does not know to make papad, then all will make fun of her. Despite all this, she wanted to make papad, but how? She solved it.

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She went to the Sarala of neighbouring and said, “It is a long time since I have made of papad … so I thought, take information from you that just as I make papad, you make me as well.” So, tell me how to make papad. Sarla said that, take the content of making papad first, put the spices according to the taste, only then, Kamala says, “This also know me”, tell me further.

Sarla said again, in the papad flour, mix the spices together, then only, Kamala said, “This also comes to me”. Sarla got angry with this thing, even then, the quote … First roll the papad properly and make a thin papad … Kamala again, repeating the same thing.

Now Sarla decided to teach her a lesson and said, when the papad roll is taken, then collect all by putting it in a large container, fill it with half water and pour it on the flame. Take it out on a boil. Then out of it, remove one by one papad and let it dry and if you get some pleasure, then reconcile it. Kamala said, “This too know to me”. Actually, we make papad in this way. Still I thought, once i ask you too. Now it seems that, i unnecessary disturb you.

She came to her house and her heart was very happy. Even without knowing that, how smartly the method of making papad came by asking. She kneaded the flour of papad and took the papad bell….And put all the papad in the embroidery….Filled it with half the water and put it on the flame. When the water started to boil, she saw the lid removed but the papad in it was not … Yes, her ignorance was boiling. She had realised her mistake. But now, by shame she could not even show her face to anyone.

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