A Moron Boy – Motivational Story

By | November 26, 2018

There was a very decent boy. All in the school called him retardation. His teacher also resented him because he was very weak to study and his intelligence level was even lower than average.

His performance in the classroom was always poor and children did not miss them by joking. Even going to school began to look like a punishment, as soon as he entered the class, the children began to laugh at him, someone called him a bloody fool, someone called him the king of oxen, even some teachers do not hesitated by making his joke. Worst of all, he left school.

Now he wanders all day and waste his time. One day he was going somewhere. He was very thirsty while roaming, at the end he saw a well. He went there and quench his thirst by pulling water from the well. Now he was quite tired, so after drinking the water he sat there. Only then his eyes went on the mark on the stone, on which was the mark of a rope due to repeated pulling of water from the well. He began to think that when repeatedly pulling water, there can be a rope mark on such a hard stone, So by working hard, i can also have a knowledge of study. He sat in this mind and started going to school again. For a few days people continued to joke him in the same way, but gradually seeing his passion, the teachers also started to cooperate.

He diligently worked tirelessly. After a few years, the same student proved to be a great scholar Varadraj. Who composed texts such as Mugdhabodha and Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi in Sanskrit. “

It means that we can win a victory on any weakness, just need to dedicate ourselves to our goal with hard work and patience.

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