A New Path Of Life – Inspirational Speech

By | May 14, 2019
A New path of life

A New Way – Inspirational Speech

Yes I accepted, I’m paused. I am a bit sad today. I feel feeling tired today… But “I’m not failed” I have not given up.

Regarded, time are somewhat difficult today. What I want to do, I am not able to do. Which I want to achieve, I can not do it. It looks like my mind has left me. I’m just thinking of living alone.. My body is not getting up and strange restlessness is inside me.

What is the reason, I do not know?

But I know that this is just a small bad phase of my life. There is a time which will pass very quickly. “I’ll wake up again – I’ll fight again” – my mind and my hope and my body are getting ready again. To fight another new war from life.

One hope is still inside me. Doing something and for doing something bigger. When things have dropped me down Then I learned something new then Every time a new path has been discovered and made itself better than ever.

Today again, all of them are happening. Today again, I am in the same period and today again it is time, when I will learn something new from life. When this life will teach me a new lesson, and once again, I will achieve something new.

A new way and a new floor is in my waiting. I have to reach there. I have to achieve it.. This is life, and here these situation is called adventure of life.

Thank You!

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