A Rock On The Road – Best Inspirational Story

By | May 8, 2019
Inspirational Story

A Rock On The Road – Best Inspirational Story

Once on one path, a huge stone was lying. People would go through that path and go through the side after seeing the stone. But, no one was removing that stone and making it shore.Then a farmer selling a vegetable went through that path. He saw that this big stone has been lying in the middle of the road and people who visit it are having trouble due to this….Inspirational Story

Then he took off the basket of vegetable kept on his head and kept it on one side and tried to removed the stone. The stone was big, so he had to work hard. But in the end, he succeeded in shore. Now, as soon as he move forward to pick up their own vegetable basket. He saw that the place where the stone was on the road, there is a bag lying right there. When he picked up the bag, in which a lot of gold coins and had a paper together –

Always Encourage To Others – Inspiration Story

It was written on that paper that I am the king of this kingdom. And these coins give you as a reward for the removal of that stone from the road. Because, not only did you remove a stone lying in your way, but you also taught these thousands to those people that the stones which lie in their destiny … we always ignore them and we go ahead …..May be, Under those stones our fate change opportunities are buried.

So friends, whenever there are problems in life or whenever you feel that some stone is stopping your path. Do not ignore it, but try to remove it. Maybe, as soon as he leaves, you get the right direction of your life. And it can also be that, because of that stone, thousands of people have become disturbed … and if you remove it, then the problems of the life of those people will also be reduced.

A good leader is the one… That, has shown the right way to others along with him. As always…I always say, always keep the passion alive in your life and never give up trying.

Thank You!

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