About Us

Unique Inspiration World is a Inspirational & Motivational blog that was founded in 25 November 2018 by Indian Author & Owner & Founder of Unique Inspiration World…Kanhiya Chauhan.

Welcome to the Unique Inspiration World and i want to thank you for visiting and reading at Unique Inspiration World. Our mission at uniqueinspirationworld.com is to motivate people’s to increase their confidence in the world, so that they can succeed in their lives.

I am a resident of Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh), and I have been interested in English language since the beginning..So I started this Inspirational blog in English language so that i could motivate people all over the world. I want to help people from this Inspirational blog who are frustrated after repeated failings in their lives and they accept the defeat.

Unique Inspiration World will always try to fill happiness in your life. You read this website daily and learn from the stories of great men. Unique Inspiration World is the wish that God give you the successful life.

Thank you!