Always Encourage To Others – Inspiration Story

By | May 4, 2019
Inspiration Story

It is a long time ago, a middle-aged man approached the nineteenth century famous painter Dante Gabriel Rosetti. He had some sketches and drawings, which he wanted to know by Rosetti, his opinion that they are good or not.

Rosette carefully looked at those drawings. They soon understood that he was not of any use. And there is no artistic talent inside him. He did not want to hurt the person, but they could not lie. That’s why they told him with great gentlemanliness that there is no special thing in these drawings. The person was a little disappointed by hearing him, but perhaps he was already expecting it.

He apologized for taking his time and requested that, if possible, they should also see some old paintings made by a young art student. Rosette immediately got ready and started looking at the drawings in an old file.

Always Encourage To Others

He expressed his happiness and said, “Wow, these paintings are very good, this young man has a lot of talent. Give him every kind of encouragement, if he is engaged in this work and working hard, then there is no doubt that one day he will become a mahan painter. “

The person’s eyes were filled with the words of Rosetti.

“Who is this young man?”, Rosetti asked, “Your son?”

“No”, “This is me – Thirty years ago, I !!! If someone had encouraged like you at that time, then today I would have lived a happy life instead of repenting.”

Friends, there are many people in this world who have talent inside. But due to lack of encouragement at the right time, such people can not understand how to advance in life … and then slowly those people lose their talents in front of the harsh conditions of life. Maybe, you are either one of them, or someone like you is around. So always keep in mind that if someone comes to you with this hope .. you can encourage him then never let him down.

Thank You!

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