Amazing Facts About Baby

By | November 27, 2018

It is said that child is God’s form…Childhood is the most important time of our lives…When there was no need or no one necessary. So today I am going to tell you about amazing baby facts, which is probably not known to any parent…I hope you like this facts…so let’s start..

  1. The number of bones in the newly born child is up to 300. Many bones are interconnected  of the children when they grows up and their number goes up to only 206.
  2. Have you ever thought that how many births are born every minute in the whole world? The answer is 255 This means 4.3 children in every second.
  3. When a child is born then there is no bacteria in his body.
  4. Newborn baby can see only Black and White for a few weeks of their birth. After a few weeks, the first color that they see is the red color.
  5. Psychologists believe that children do not dream for some years of their birth.
  6. Most of the children born before time are left-handed. 
  7. The mind of small children uses 50% of the whole body’s glucose for this reason, little children sleep longer time.
  8. In Japan there is a competition named “Crying Sumo” in which he wins Sumo who cry the child without tease.
  9. Every year 100,000 births in the United States are born of cocaine addiction because his mother took drugs during pregnancy. 
  10. Women who snore during their pregnancy their children are smaller than others.
  11. Every 30 seconds, a disabled child is born in China. 
  12. If a woman is harmed to any organ during pregnancy then the baby in the uterus sends stem cells to fix it.
  13. One child out of 50000 is born who does not have a kidney since birth.
  14. On doctor’s given date the probability of being born of child is just 4%.
  15. Germany, Denmark, Iceland and some other countries has to follow some rules to keep the names of childrens. 
  16. There is a condition called cochlear ear-kiss injury, which tells that it can be deaf due to a kiss on the child’s ear.
  17. A newborn baby has only one cup of blood.
  18. Children become two times the weight after 5 months of their birth.
  19. The voice of a 3 year old child is the fastest in a restaurant full of 200 people.
  20. Watching television can be a natural medicine for pain for children. 
  21. After 10 minutes of birth, so many brains develop in the child so that he understands that the voice is coming from.
  22. Children can see their distance up to 8 or 9 inches for the first 3 months of their life. This distance is enough for you to see when you are holding him or giving him milk and this distance is enough for him to see his hands and his whole body. 
  23. One out of every three infants has a mark on their body and twice in girls compared to boys. 
  24. Every day 12 new born children are given to another parent.
  25. For 7 months children can breathe at the same time and they can get out, but we can not do this. 
  26. After 1980, the likelihood of twins being born increased by 70%.
  27. How many children are born every year in America…barbie doll is sold 2.5 times more than that. 
  28. Children love human voice, and this is the reason that they first follow the words, not the sound of a phone.
  29. The baby in the womb reacts more to hearing music.
  30. The baby’s genitalia begins to grow in the ninth week of pregnancy and by 12 to 13 weeks, it can be easily detected that there is a boy or girl born in the womb. 

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