Amazing Facts About Brain

By | November 27, 2018

Today, i am going to tell you about “Amazing Facts About Brain”. I hope you would love to know this Amazing facts and you would like my article…So lets start…

Amazing Fact About Brain

  1. The brain is about 2% of our body but it consumes 20% of total oxygen and blood.
  2. 40% of the brain’s color is grey and the remaining 60% of the color is white.
  3. An adult man’s brain weighs around 1300 to 1400 grams.
  4. Our brain remains more active in the night than in the day.
  5. When you are awake then your brain leaves power energy from 10 to 23 watt, which can also operate an electrical bulb. 
  6. There is no vein of pain in man’s mind, so he does not feel any pain.
  7. By reading and speaking, a child’s brain development is more.
  8. On average, 7,000 thoughts come to your mind every day.
  9. The brain becomes active within about 7 to 8 minutes after drinking alcohol and we start to get intoxicants.
  10. The human brain is made of more than 75% water.
  11. Your brain grows up to 95% by the age of 5 years and reaching 18 years, 100% develops and then it stops growing.
  12. Our half brain can be removed from surgery and this will not affect our memories. 
  13. A alive brain is very soft and can be cut easily with a knife.
  14. The brain is the body’s most fat organ.
  15. Our growth is higher than night rather than day, this happens due to the pituitary gland present in our brain, who releases growth hormones at night while sleeping.
  16. Our brains have two sides, left side and right side. The right part of our brain controls the left side of our body and left side of the brain controls the right side of our body. 
  17. The structure of their brain changes a bit which children who learn 2 languages before they are 5 years old.
  18. Almost 5 parts of our brain work together while laughing.
  19. 6000 years ago, the first mention about brain is found in Sumer.
  20. After 30 years of age our brain starts to shrink.
  21. Your subconscious mind is 30000 times stronger than your conscious mind.
  22. Research shows that the structure of the brain of men and women differs. 
  23. The human brain is bigger than all the creatures on earth. The elephant’s brain is only 15% compared to its body whereas 2% of the human being.
  24. We have about a hundred billion neurons in our brain.
  25. Every time we learn something new, new wrinkles develop in the brain and this wrinkle is the correct scale of IQ.
  26. The size and weight of the brain have no effect on the brain power. The weight of Albert Einstein’s brain was 1230 grams, which was less than the normal human.
  27. There are 100,000 miles long blood vessels in the brain.
  28. The brain can stay on even after not getting oxygen from 4 to 6 minutes, but if do not get it from 5 to 10 minutes, brain damage is fixed. 
  29. Within a human brain, there are one million chemical reactions in a second.
  30. Neorons of a pregnant woman’s brain grows according to 2,50,000 neurons per minute.
  31. Men’s brain is 10% larger than women’s brain.
  32. The size of the brain is continuously decreasing. In the last 20000 years it has been reduced to the size of tennis ball.
  33. According to psychology, the more wrinkles of a person’s brain, that person’s are so wiser.
  34. By thinking of tension for a long period of time, our mind loses the ability to think, understand and taking decision for some time. 
  35. It is often said that humans use only 10% of their brains, but this is not true, we use our whole brain.
  36. The chocolate smell produces theta waves in our brain, which causes us to relaxation.
  37. Emotion of the human being controls the part of the brain named amygdala.
  38. If amygdala was removed from the mind, then any fear of man would end permanently. 
  39. One of the most heaviest brains ever so far was that of a Russian writer, “Ivan Turgenew”, whose weight was about 2.5 kilos and he died in 1883.
  40. Human brains react much faster than the computer.
  41. Our brain’s memory is unlimited, it will never say that the memory is full like a computer.
  42. In the process of watching TV the brain is used very little and therefore it does not develop the brains of children early. Children’s mind develops more than reading stories and listening because the reading of books makes the children more imaginative.
  43. If you are on your smartphone for a long time do useless work then there is a risk of tumor in your brain. 
  44. Scientists believe that the most complex and mysterious thing in the universe is the human brain.

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