An Old Man's Heart Touching Story And Learn Why It Is Important To Respect Your Parents

By | November 23, 2018

In a village, an old man lived with his son and daughter-in-law. The family was happy, there was no problem of any kind. Old father who was a good young man at some time. Today, he was defeated by old age, he used to falter while walking. Now the need for a sticks was started, the face was filled with wrinkles, just was spending some kind of life.

There was a good thing in the house that at the time of the meal, the whole family sat at a together and ate food. On one such evening, all the people sat down to eat. The son came from the office, he was so hungry, so soon he sat down to eat and together a daughter and a son would also be eating. As soon as the old man tried to carrying plate was thrown off the hand and a few lentils fell on the table. The daughter-in-law and the son looked at the father with disgust and again started eating their food.

As soon as the old father began to eat food with his shaking hands, then the food would ever fall on the clothes and sometimes on the ground. The daughter-in-law, irritated, said, “O Rama, how dirty you eat?” She think that their plate is put in a different corner, son also shakes such a head, as if agree with the wife. The little grandson was looking at all this innocence.

The next day the father’s plate was removed from that table and put in a corner. The tearful eyes of the father were not able to say anything while looking at everything. The old father began to eat like a daily meal, the food would ever fall here and there sometime. The little child (granddaughter) left his meal and was constantly looking at his grandfather.

Mother asked what happened son? What are you looking at grandpa and why are not you eating?

The child said to the great innocence – Mother, I am learning how to behave with the elderly, when I grow up and you become old, then I will feed you in the corner like this.

As soon as they hear from the child’s mouth, their Mother and father both tremble, perhaps the child’s talk was sitting in their minds, because the child gave a very detailed lesson to both with very innocence.

The son quickly went ahead and picked up the grand father and put him back on the table to eat and the daughter-in-law also ran away and brought a glass of water that Dad had no problem.

So friends, parents are the biggest capital of this world. You can earn so much respect in society or how much money you collect, but there is no money in this world from your parents. This is the education of this story and I hope it will be worthwhile to write this story.

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