Aokigahara – A Suicide forest – Japan ( Most dangerous place on earth )

By | December 30, 2018

‘Suicide forest’, here people are coming to die….

Imagine a place can be such, where people are just coming to die. That too, when that place is very bad and badness also worsened due to fear of such a situation. Now, who wants to give his life in the forest of the ghosts, but it seems the Japanese like this forest very much. This forest is near Fuji Mountain, where there is always a dark shadow. Looks like a ghostly Hollywood movie set. 

But this forest of Aokigahara is very scary. Aokigahara is an ancient place of worship in the foothills of Japan’s Mount Fuji. 60 years ago this place became a favorite place for suicides when Seicho Matsumoto’s book Black Sea of  Trees was published. Characters of this book collectively commit suicide in this forest. Here the government has been banned from coming to anyone. Any kind of photography is also prohibited. Regardless of this, dozens of people reach their lives every year in some way. In spite of this, there are dozens of people reaching to gives their life every year. 

In this forest, a trained woman named Natalie Dormer stepped in to find a lost girl. Sharing his experience, she said that this is a very poor place. I could just enter 5 ft in the forest, while my driver did not move further till the step. I had to take photos of trees. But then it felt that the ground was rising up. Natalie said that the Japanese say about this that they are extremely haunted places. The 16-square-mile stretch of this forest is called the Horror world.

More than 400 people died in 2010, which is the highest in any year. However, due to the strictness of the administration, this figure is gradually decreasing. Telling you that Japan has the highest suicidal tendencies. Compared to any country in the world. Suicide cases in Japan are 60 percent higher than in the whole world. This is 3 times higher than Britain. In 2014, a total of 25 thousand Japanese suicides committed, i.e. more than 70 suicides per day.

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