Area 51 – The most mysterious place in the world (Part – 1)

By | December 2, 2018

Area 51 is located in the southern part of “United States, Nevada,”. There the government claims to have only one airport base at this place. This place was created by the United States Air Force for testing aircraft in 1995. While on one side US military claims that this place is used for the construction of new and high tech aircraft research, while many others say that the crashed UFO is kept here. And here it is being used on UFOs and aliens. Aerospace engineer “Woud Bushman” who worked long time on Project 51 Area They shared some photos. The things that appear in the photo do not look like humans. Autopsy came out one video that reveals the “Woud bushman” revelations more authentic. Many such interesting stories are very famous about Area 51. In this we will tell you in detail in the next post.

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