Area 51 – The most mysterious place in the world (Part – 2)

By | December 2, 2018

Very few people know about Area 51 in the US States Air Force. This area is considered one of the most mysterious places in the world. It is said that here many secrets of the US government are buried. Let’s know some mysterious facts of Area 51 :

  1. What is the aliens in Area 51?

Claims of aliens being seen in many places in the world. But Reality View is available in Area 51 in these claims. There have been many things around this place that have confirmed the claim that there are aliens.

America’s Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman has gone to Area 51. He made tremendous speculation with his statement in 2014. He had told that he had talked with the other world’s creatures, the aliens. At the same time he also told that method, from which these aliens travel from Earth to their planet in just one hour.

2. In the Area 51, is the research on the creatures of another planet?

Area 51 ‘is a military military area, which is located 80 miles north-west of the American city of Las Vegas. This area often remains the center of discussion because it is believed that research is done on the aliens coming from other planets. Many people have even claimed that they have seen unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) flying there many times.

3. Have found the body of the aliens here..

According to a claim made in 1947, an UFO crash had occurred at this place. The body of one of the aliens was recovered. This alien was 4 feet and looked like primitive human. It is said that any part of Area 51 is still being researched on it.

4. Sitting in the mind of the people fear of this place..

There are many people who do not want to go to this place. Edward Lovin, a man who has lived in this place for more than 30 years, had named Paradise Ranch in this place to reduce the fear of sitting in the minds of people. But still people are afraid to go to this intelligence place. Dead body photos of several aliens have also come out from this area.

5. There is no information of this place in the US map!

There is so much privacy about this place that there is no information in the map of the US government. And a year ago when it was shown in a map, the map was quickly changed to another map. Because the US government never wants to anyone know about Area 51.

6. Is this place dangerous?

If your life escapes from aliens and nuclear weapons here, then you are also in danger. Actually, many poisonous materials at this place have been dumped in an unspecified manner. For this reason, people living here get to skin disease or cancer.

7. NASA’s scientist also works here..

Some people claim that NASA scientists also work here. They are constantly trying to contact the aliens. They are researching their planes and are trying to read the mind of Aliens.

8. Nobody knows why this secret place is built..

The CIA first announced that there is a secret place named Area 51 in the US. Earlier, it was just a matter of discussion among the people that there is such a place. However, the CIA never mentioned that why this Secret Place has been built?

9. This place is forbidden to humans..

Area 51 is a place which is completely restricted when the common man goes. A fence around the area has been imposed so that no animal or person can enter by mistake or by deception. Survivors armed roam around the fence with weapons.

10. Maybe there is a big nuclear plant..

Many people also believe that America has installed a Secret Nuclear Plant at this place and many Nuclear weapons are also made from here.

11. Drone Tests also done here..

It is said that American drones are tested at this place. The test of U-2 Spy Plains was done at this place. It is believed that the American government engineers make several military hardware at this place.

12. Here is the research on Alien Engineering..

When Area 51 was selected as a test area, there was a need to construct a 8,500 feet long runway. No one should pay attention to the construction, so its construction was done only at night. According to some reports, alien engineering is researched here. According to some facts, many aliens were imprisoned in Area 51, which are researched.

13. The BBC had infiltrated this place..

In 2012, the BBC planned to make a documentary on this site. Because of this, the camera crew went here, but after driving for long enough deserted, their hands did not even taken anything. However, as soon as the vision of the security fell on them, they were considered a spy and mortgage was made.

14. No plane is allowed to fly above this area..

No plane is allowed to fly above this area. If someone does so, then the air traffic control tells him to immediately change his way immediately. If it does not happen then the US Air Force takes action on it.

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