Bermuda Triangle – A Mysterious Place

By | December 4, 2018

In this area, so many marine and airplanes have disappeared surprisingly and even after lac of attempts they could not be traced. Some people consider this as a paranormal force, and some feel it is a normal development. The idea of ​​how interesting this topic is, it can be estimated from the fact that many books and articles have been written on it as well as films have been created.

Various types of things have been written and saying about the area of ​​this triangle being the subject of discussion for centuries. Some researchers who have researched this issue have its circumference in Florida, Bahamas, the whole Caribbean Islands and the northern part of the ocean. Some have to tell it to the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the researchers have discussed about its area.

Air and sea traffic in this area is also in abundance. The area is calculated as the world’s busiest sea transportation waterway. From here there are many ships out to America, Europe and the Caribbean islands. This is the reason why some people are not ready to believe that despite a lot of traffic, a ship disappears suddenly. If there is an accident then anyone knows about it.

“The pilots were heard saying that we do not know where we are. The water is green and nothing looks right. It was written by the navy officials that the planes went to another planet”.

Famous investigator Christopher Columbus was the first author, who wrote about kinda weird events here. As Christopher, he and his colleagues saw the phenomenon of electricity in the sky. They also showed some flames of fire. After this, other writers who came out on the sea route mentioned such developments in their articles.

The article also appeared in the newspaper for the first time on September 16, 1950. Two years later, Fat Magazine also published a short article on “George X. Sand” with the title “Mystery at Our Back Door”. In this article, mentioning the disappearing of the five TBM bomber ‘Flight 19’ of Including American sailing of several air and marine vessels was mentioned.

The developments of “Flight 19” disappeared very seriously. In the same series in April 1962, it was published in a magazine that the pilots were heard saying that we do not know where we are. The water is green and nothing looks right. It was written by the navy officials that the planes went to another planet. This was the first article, in which the disappearance of planes was said to be the hand of some supernatural power. Vincent Gadis, Jan Wallace Spencer, Charles Burlitz, Richard Winer, and others forwarded this point through their articles. In this case, the research librarian of Arizona State University and the author of ‘The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Salved’, Laurence David Kusche did a lot of research and their result was different from the other writers. They misconstrued the disappearance of the aircraft by the witnesses. Kusche wrote that the planes were crashed due to natural disasters. This was ignored by other writers.

Research done in Australia has shown that the large portion of this marine area has a plurality of methane hydride. Bubbles from this can also cause the sudden sink of a ship. In this regard, the American Geographic Survey Department (USGS) also released a white paper. It is a matter of fact that on the website of the USGS, it has been revealed that in the last 15000 years, evidence of the evasion of gas bubbles from seawater has not been found. Apart from this, due to excessive magnetic fields, the equipment engaged in ships stopped working here. By this, the ship wanders and becomes victim of the accident.

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