Bhateri (An Innocent Girl) – A Very Heart Touching Story

By | December 16, 2018
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Society is a very big word in itself! But the bigger the word, the more big stories are associated with society and social tradition. In these same social traditions, there is a tradition to treat daughter as a burden. The society has become so helpless because of the dowry system that it has become so helpless that the daughters of the society considered Lakshmi as the form Hindu goddess of wealth, today the same Lakshmi society has started to burden. Today, they have brought a story “Bhateri”, a story related to social tradition.

Bhateri was the third child after the two girls of their laborer parents. Sadly, due to the birth of three girls, her father had named her Bhateri. Bhateri meant that “lot” and Bhateri’s parents no longer wanted a fourth girl. After that a boy was born, but the Bhateri was still a burden.

When Bhateri was six years old, his father died. After his father’s death, his mother, Vimala and her grandmother were now in the house, who were nourishing these four brothers or sisters.

Bhateri’s grandmother still had more sorrow than the son’s death, that Bhateri’s father had left three girls behind him. He often used to say, “He himself got salvation … .now, do not know…when my call will be done, when God will give me justice from these hell.”

Because of being a girl, her whole life is the only hate of her family. After the death of her husband, Bhateri’s mother’s Vimla also had a sense of emptiness. Even now, her three daughters were not looking for responsibility, but they seemed to be a burden.

When Bhatri was 12 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor said that a lot of rupees will also take place and anyone from the family will have to give their kidneys. The doctor said clearly that there would be no danger to the life of the giver. As soon as news of the 12 year old girl’s blood cancer happened to the villagers, so for the Bhateri, there was compassion in the heart of the villagers. The villagers decided to take the full expenditure of the treatment of Bhateri to see the bad condition of the house. But the problem here was not coming to money.

Rural society is still an emotional society, there were many people who were ready to spend money for the treatment of Bhateri. But for this burden no one in the family was willing to give his kidney. Even the 65 year old grandmother of Bhateri was also more valuable for her life than the life of Bhateri. She was a girl, therefore her life burden for her family.

Bhutari had died from his disease today. A lot of people were at home. All the people’s were telling falsehood to her mother and grandmother and their poverty was being cursed. Today the face of dead Bhateri was calm. She was just right in her family’s droop, and after some time the pain of sickness … .. … but today she seemed calm.

Think…What will be the desire in the end times?

Once she had heard her say, “Mother, man is born in different form after Dog, worm, rat (pet). etc. Mother, i am going to become a worm but not human.”

Her child could not resist this attitude of accessible mind of man, but the life that was disgusted, she had seen himself and she could certainly feel it.
Perhaps God will fulfill her last wish … It will give birth to animals, not humans.

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