Biography Of Bill Gates

By | December 23, 2018
Biography Of Bill Gates

Biography Of Bill Gates – The Most Inspiring Biography

Biography of Bill Gates and the story of the success of Bill Gates which inspires us a lot. It is a great thing to know about Bill Gates. Bill Gates was in the field of software since childhood.

So friends get ready We have come here today to bring you the complete biography of Bill Gates :-

Bill Gates is Microsoft’s inventor. he is very diligent since childhood. Bill Gates is born in Seattle, Washington and his birthday is 28 October 1955. He was interested in computer programming since childhood.

He only showed interest in computer programming at the age of 13, due to which he started creating new business plans through technology and aggressive business strategy.

After some time, he and his partner Paul Allen together formed the world’s largest software business – “Microsoft”. On the strength of Microsoft Business, today he is the richest person in the world.

Childhood Of Bill Gates – History of Bill Gates

He loved living a simple life. Bill Gates’s father, William Henry Gates was a law student, he proceeded to pursue a career in advocacy and Bill Gates’s father wanted Bill Gates’s career to be made in advocacy.

When William Henry Gates was a Law student, during that time he met Mary Maxwell, the mother of Bill Gates, who was also a good player along with a reading of the University of Washington.

Bill Gates’s mother currently guides students to the same university at the present time. Bill Gates played Gymnast in summer holidays with his family, only then did the bill get an idea of ​​the ongoing struggle in the world at an early age.

Bill Gates’s mother liked to teach children. His mother spent her whole time studying in children and in making her career. Bill Gates’s mother likes to resume donation as a social worker in encouraging children to overcome social differences.

Bill Gates’s mother used to take Bill several times with her in the work of her social service, at different schools and institutions.

Bill was like other children’s, but there was one thing that separates them from others, Bill Gates was hungry for studies since childhood, he still likes studying several hours a day.

Even during school time, they were very good at reading, they were smart, but they used to be bored too often. At approximately the age of 11-12, Bill’s family used to worry because of their behavior that none of them would live alone.

Bill Gates’s parents started worrying about their child like other people, due to which their parents had come to believe that Bill was given public education.

When he was 13 years old, his family enrolled him at Seattle Lakeside School, which is an elementary school.

He was good in almost all subjects, but the special thing was that his ability to understand mathematics and science was very good and with that he used to participate in plays at school.

A Seattle Computer Company, at Bill Gates’s Lakeside School gave computers to teach and learn students to computers. Soon Bill Gates became interested in computers and gave more time to computers.

What is Computer Programming? They used to take hours to find out.

During Learning of computer, Bill Gates created a “Tic-Tac-Tow” program in a Basic Computer language that could play against the computer.

At Lakeside School, Bill meet to Paul Allen, who was two years older than him. Because of their computer’s perceptions and ideas, both of them had become very good friends, whereas in their other points, their views were not mixed at all. Paul Allen was very shy and quiet type while Bill was completely different in his nature Both of them spent most of their time in programming.

Bill Gates’s first earnings

Now there was so much going on in friendship that both of them were sometimes debated about who is right or who is better at running their school’s computer lab and more capable. The company stopped the Bill Gates and Allen computer facilities available in their school, because both of them spent their time in the lab while teaching their computers and used to tamper with the company’s software.

After some time, both of them were allowed to come back to the lab on condition that they removed error from the program. At the same time Bill Gates created another software program which used to work in the Time Schedule at the time of the university.

In 1970, Bill Gates was only 15 years old, walked along with his friend Paul Allen towards Bill Gates Business. They created the “Traf-O-Data” program, which tracked Traffic Pattern of Seattle City and tried to improve it.

They got $ 20,000 of this effort, which was their first earnings. Yes Bill Gates’s first earning was $ 20,000.

The idea of ​​Bill Gates and his friend Allen was in the work of the software, which led to the introduction of Microsoft Company in 1975. This company was initially known as Micro-Soft.

Bill and Allen first created the program named Basic, which is the famous programming language of Micro Computer. This attempt was successful.

Then they also worked for the other system. Bill Gates’s Microsoft skyrocketed. In nearly five years, Microsoft started to look at the world.

In the 1980’s, an International Business Machine (IBM) received an offer that Microsoft was asked to write “Basic Interpreter” for their upcoming personal computer.

Microsoft created an operating system called PC DOS for IBM and whose fee was $ 50,000 by IBM, which was considered too high at that time.

Bill Gates personal life

Bill Gates was married to Melinda, who lives in France in 1994. In 1996, Jennifer Katherine gave birth.

Bill Gates and Melinda had two more children named Rory John Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates.

Currently, Bill Gates lives with his family in his beautiful home in Medina, located in Washington, worth $ 1.25 million.

History of Microsoft

Microsoft operating went into the public eye, Microsoft operating became famous all over the world, consequently, on November 20, 1985, Microsoft placed “Windows” operating system in front of the world.

Operating system for Microsoft DOS (DOS) functioned like a shell. WINDOWS had so much power in the work that he had completely occupied his reputation or talent in the world’s personal computer market overnight.

Microsoft’s success

90% of personal computers shares have become the names of Windows. Achieved a lot of prestige by Microsoft Company, Bill Gates was one of the biggest shareholders of Microsoft, due to which he had earned a lot of revenue and which led him to be considered the world’s richest man in 1987.

Bill Gates became the richest man in the world due to his 11 years of experience. In 1989, Microsoft opened its office “Microsoft Office” which contained a package. Many applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel can be run in the same system simultaneously.

Windows CE operating system platform and “The Microsoft Network” were one of the great developments of the time.

Now, in 2000, Bill Gates had resigned from the post of CEO in Microsoft Company, but he is still present at the post of Chairman. Microsoft’s company had created a new Post “Chief Software Architect”.

Bill Gates is a very big donor of the heart, he has donated a lot, apart from his Microsoft, he has paid a lot of attention to the altruistic works.

In the month of February 2014, Bill took leave from the chairmanship and working for Microsoft CEO “Satya Nadella” as a Technology Advisor. Bill Gates is still one of the world’s richest people.

Foundation of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates started

Image result for Foundation of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

In 2000, Bill Gates along with his wife laid the foundations of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the world’s largest Charitable Foundation, operated with transparency.

His foundation was funded for such problems, which were overlooked by the government such as agriculture, college scholarships for minority communities of low representation, for the prevention of diseases such as AIDS, etc.

In 1999, Bill Gates donated 20 million dollars to MIT College to create a computer lab. The lab whose name was “William H. Gets Building”.

In 2000, Bill Gates collaborated with his wife to build “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. The name of this foundation comes in the world’s largest private foundation, which aims to increase the health of people in the society and reduce poverty worldwide.

Important things of Bill Gates

  • At the age of 13, he made his first computer program, Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Bill Gates’s childhood name was “Trey”.
  • Bill Gates had told his friends in his childhood that he would become a millionaire by the age of 30, and who became true, he had become a millionaire at the age of 31.
  • In 1977, police arrested him on driving without license in New Mexico.
  • After meeting Facebook’s Co-Founder Mark, Bill Gates made his account on Facebook for the first time before he was not on the social media.
  • If Microsoft company was unsuccessful, Bill Gates would be an explorer in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Bill Gates has given only 10 million dollars to his children, after which the remaining property will not be given.
  • Bill Gates’s favorite book is “Business Adventure”.
  • In 2007, Bill Gates was honored with the honors degree by Harvard University. HARVARD UNIVERSITY was left 32 years ago by Bill Gates in the middle of his studies.
  • Bill Gates visits India every year and performs important work for the poor of India.

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