Black Or White – A Motivation Story

By | November 14, 2018

The master was studying in class, and then the voice of two children started quarreling with each other.

“What are you guys fighting like this? “Master asked.

Rahul: Sir, Amit is stubborn about his talk and is not ready to listen to me.

Amit: No. Sir, what Rahul is saying is absolutely wrong, so there is no point by listening to him.

And by saying that, they began to quarreling again.

Master, stopping them in the middle, said, “One minute you both come here to me. Rahul, you left the desk and Amit standing on the right. ”

After this, the master pulled a big ball from the cupboard and placed it in the middle of the desk.

Master: Rahul, tell you, what color this ball has.

Rahul: Yes, that’s white color.

Master: Amit You tell me what color is this ball?

Amit: Yes, this is absolutely black.

Both were completely confident about their response that their answer was correct, and once again they started debating one another over the color of the ball.

Master, calm them down and said, “Wait, now both of you change your place and then tell what color the ball is?”

Both did the same, but this time their answers had changed too.

Rahul said the ball’s color was black, so Amit said white.

Now the master, being critical, said, “Children, these balls are made of two colors and the way it looks black from one place and white is visible from the other place, In the same way, every thing in our life can be seen from a different perspective.. It is not necessary that the way you look at something else, the other one also sees it … ..Therefore, if there is any difference between ideas between us, do not think that the people in front us are absolutely wrong, rather try to see things from their point of view and explain it as their point of view. Only then can you make a meaningful dialogue. ”

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