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By | January 14, 2019
Chanakya Quotes
Chanakya Quotes

Chanakya Quotes

  • “Like a calf walks behind its mother in thousands of cows. In the same way, the good and bad deeds of a man follow him. “~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Knowledge can not steal a thief.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Man is greater than his deeds, not by his birth.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “A sensible man should act sensibly like a stork and understand his place, time and his abilities, should prove his work.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “God is not in idols, your feelings are your God, soul is your temple.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Books are the same for a foolish man, Mirror like a blind” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The power of a king is in his powerful arms. The strength of the Brahmin is in his spiritual knowledge and the power of a woman is in her beauty, youth and sweet voice.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Desire of poor wealth, animals are able to speak, men wish for heaven, and religious people salvation.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Those who have passed away should not worry about them, nor should they be worried about the future. The sensible people only live in the present.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Wisdom does not work in crisis.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The one who is skilled in the work should be engaged in the same work.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Do not procrastinate any moment in any work.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Do not treat the weak.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “For a particular purpose, the enemy becomes a friend.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Defend your kingdom from enemies.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The hunter-gatherer king destroys both religion and meaning.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Unlike fate, good deeds also cause grief.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Ears get pleasure from listening to bad habits of the enemy.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “We should protect money from thieves and royalty employees.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “There is sadness in birth and death.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Do not think that love and attachment are only one thing, both are enemies of each other, it is an attachment that eliminates love.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Money, friends, wife and kingdom can be regained, but this body can not be regained.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The earth is full of truth, it is the power of truth, through which the sun shines and the wind blows. In fact, all the things are fixed at the truth.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The fragrance of flowers spreads in the direction of the wind, but the goodness of one person spreads all around.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Just like a dry tree burns the entire forest upon fire, so a wicked son destroys the entire family.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The man whom we have to work with, we should talk about the same thing which he feels good, like a hunter sings in a pleasant voice before hitting Deer.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The person who talks about the secret defects of others, they ruin themselves like an loafer snake in anthill.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “An ideal wife is one who should serve as the mother of her husband in the morning and love as a sister in the day and make her happy in the night as a prostitute.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Those who have a strong attachment to their family, live in fear and misery, the main reason for all the sorrows is attachment, so to be happy, Sacrifice of attachment is necessary.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “There is no penance equal to a balanced mind, there is no happiness equal to satisfaction, there is no disease like greed, there is no virtue like mercy.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Keep him as your friend till you know the weakness of the enemy.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Even if the lion is hungry, do not eat straw.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “There is no other money than food.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “There is no other enemy like hunger.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Knowledge is the only wealth of poverty.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The attributes of the enemy should also be accepted.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Man is worshiped by staying in his place.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The fear of defamation is the biggest of all fears.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “The lazy person is neither present nor future.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “It is rare to have defective work.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “First make sure, then start the work.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Meaning and religion, the basis of deed.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Enemy is worthy of the penalty policy.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Hard speech gives more intense pain than fire inflammation.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Addicted person can never be successful.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Only attack the powerful enemy with weaknesses.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Do not enmity with someone more powerful and equal to you.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “Only by keeping the mantra secret, the work is proved.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “It is very difficult to make decisions without qualified assistants.” ~ Acharya Chanakya
  • “A single wheel does not run.” ~ Acharya Chanakya

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