Your time will change from today – Child story

By | January 24, 2019

Friends, you must have asked yourself a question about when my time will change. Big success comes with small changes. You will not even know when these small changes will take bigger form. To explain the same thing, I tell you a child story “Your time will change from today”

A boy used to run every morning in the morning, on the river bank. He used to see many women sitting on the banks of the river. He always used to clean the turtle’s back. The boy never understood why she does this.

The boy thought to know the reason for one day, so the boy went near that old lady and asked her – I come here every morning to run and see you cleaning the turtle’s back. Can you tell why you do this?

That old lady said – whenever I clean the back of these turtles. I feel the pleasure and peace because the dirt on their back decreases the ability to generate heat inside them.

Due to which the turtles are getting difficult to swim. If the dirt is not removed, their armor gradually becomes weak. That’s why I keep cleaning their armor.

Listening to this boy he said – There are many turtles in this world. Those who will be in worse condition, but you can not clear the dirt from everyone’s back. Do not you think there will be no change from this little work.

The old lady said, I know that no change will come from my doing this, but in the life of the turtles I have cleared, there will be a change in her life. After hearing this, the boy understood everything and he started doing the same.

Friends, from this Child Story, I want to make you understand that we have to start with small changes. The difference does not matter how big the change is.

Thank you!

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