Control On Anger – Inspirational Story

By | May 10, 2019
Control On Anger

Once in a closed shop, a snake penetrated from somewhere. By colliding with a saw held in the shop, the snake got a minor injury. A nervous snake stung with a full force on the saw, which started bleeding in his mouth.

Now, the snake, according to his behaviour, he grabbed hand-saw tightly and trying hard to kill it. The snake was badly injured due to its anger.

On the second day when the shopkeeper opened the shop, the snake found die wrapped with saws … which was not die for any other reason, only die because of his anger. Sometimes we try to hurt others in anger, but after some time we find out that we have done more harm of ourselves. Sometimes for good life we ​​should ignore some things, some people, some incidents, some works etc.

You should have control over your anger. Many times it happens, some people intentionally make such an environment … so that you get angry and you make a mistake in that anger. Then people take advantages of your anger.

Not necessarily, we show a reaction to every action. If you have give any reaction without thinking then you have to face major losses from relationships in your life to business.

Some of our reactions do not only hurt us, but also make our life vulnerable. There is a very easy way to avoid anger – from the beginning whenever you get angry, only control yourself for 5 seconds, close your eyes and think in your mind, is it necessary to react? And by doing your reactions, will you get something or just your loss?

Never allow your emotions of use others. Measure the situations, think-understand and then react.

Thank You!

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