Depression Quotes – Best Inspiring Quotes

By | May 24, 2019
Depression Quotes

Today’s fast paced materialistic life has a very bad side-effect “Depression”. First, where there were few cases, millions of people today are suffering from this disease. If you are also involved in such people, be patient. In many cases the depression is temporary and after a few days it gets cured. And to help you today, we are sharing some very inspiring statement on… Which can help you fight depression.

Depression Quotes

1 – Whatever you can be, it’s never too late to happen.

2 – Do not let your life ruin; Everybody where he has reached today .. He had to start from there, where he was.

3 – It has been Philosophy of my life, that when confronted with fearlessness then difficulties disappear.

4 – Start with doing that, which is important. Then do that, which is possible and suddenly you will start doing something impossible.

5 – The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can change his life by changing his attitude of mind.

6 – Forget the old mistakes. Forget the failures. Whatever you are going to do, forget everything else besides him and do it.

7 – When a door is closed, the other opens up. But, often we see that closed door with so much regret, that the door that is open we can not see it.

8 – If you want to test your brain memory … then try to remember today that, about a year ago what thing you were worried about.

9 – The faster you fall, the faster you bounce.

10 – For the person who refuses to leave the fight, the victory is always possible.

Depression Quotes – Best Inspiring Quotes

11 – It does not matter that you win or lose. Its matter that how do you play games.

12 – Remember, no one can feel you inferior without your permission.

13 – You have been condemning yourself for years and it did not work. Try to appreciate yourself and see what happens.

14 – Once you choose the hope, then anything is possible.

15 – Perhaps to understand the importance of light you have to know the darkness.

16 – They are the most dark moments when we should concentrate on seeing the light.

17 – Once you change negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will always get positive results.

18 – Pleasure does not depend on who you are or what you have. It just depends on what you think.

19 – The secret to moving forward is to start.

20 – Whatever we have left behind, there are better things to do, ahead of him.

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