Dictatorship – Heart Touching Story

By | December 17, 2018
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It is said, not today then tomorrow the person gets a punishment for his bad actions. If you do good for someone, so sometime good in your life too and if someone is pouring fork in the path of someone, then it just happen with you. Story of our today’s are based on those thoughts, our story is “dictatorship”

“Hey queens…here are not servants like your palaces, do the work” hearing of this loud voice of  Shanti’s both her sister in law, Asha and Sunita … shook till it was inside..She could not have spent the two minutes together.

Both husband, Kamal and Sushil used to work on the same shop with their elder brother Ram Charan. The talk was the same on both sides! At the shop, both younger brothers could not speak a single word from their older brother and at home both of them could not utter a word from their sister sister law like mother-in-law . The mother-in-law was not seen by both and sister in law was Shanti (peace) only by the name itself.

On the order of Ram Charan of both the brothers to stay busy in the work of the shop and stay busy in the work of Asha and Sunita at home on the orders of Shanti at home, Destiny had now become. However, Kamal and Asha were married for just one year and Sushil and Sunita had been married for only eight months. Both the sister in law did not complain to their tired husbands when she finished their work and was late for free, but the husbands knew everything, but they could not say anything to compulsion.

Both brothers knew and understood everything but could not say anything. After the death of the parents, sister-in-law used to control the elder brother in such a way that he neither saw nor talked anything, there was only the rule of “Shanti sister in law” in the house. The elder brother had two children, one boy and one girl! Both brothers used to spit on their nephews and nieces, but Sister-in-law never understood his brother in law more than a servant. To make debate in every thing, Bhabhi had become habituated now.

Both brothers knew and understood everything but could not say anything. After the death of the parents, sister-in-law used to control the elder brother in such a way that he neither saw nor talked anything, there was only the rule of “Shanti sister-in-law” in the house. The elder brother had two children, one boy and one girl! Both brothers had lot of love their nephew and niece. But sister-in-law never understood anything more than servant to his both brother in law. To make debate in every thing, sister-in-law had become habituated now.

In both the hearts, every act of Sister-in-law was prick, but one thing still prick like a fork in his heart. That was before Kamal and Sushil married. It happened, that one day the three brothers sat together to eat food. sister-in-law first gave the elder brother, there are several bread feeds which were very well mounted on the butter and when they sat down to eat Kamal and Sushil’s, she did not put the butter on it and caught up to feed. Shanti got angry when she heard it and said, “Yes, your father has left a lot of property and you have built a big palace, whoever you wants butter with bread.

But sister-in-law, father was one of all brothers and now our elder brother is our father, why do you do this misery? “Kamal said.

On hearing this, Shanti’s was very angry and she rolled away the roller and shouted on Ram Charan and saying, “It is not for me to do all the work and also listen to true falsehood.”

Time passed and Kamal or Sushil got married, but the circumstances were similar. Brother did not remove his brothers from his house so that where he would get good servants like him and Sister in law had now got two good maids.

But it is said that time is never like one. Time passed and Kamal and Sushil had children too. By making excuses for shortening the house, Shanti and Ram Charan separated his both brothers. Both brothers were evacuated from the house. But the brothers kept their unity unbroken and took a house where they both lived together with their family. Both the minds became sour from brother’s behavior and the two brothers took different jobs and were happily living in their family.

Shanti was happy that everything was done without giving anything to her brother in laws. Time was running with its speed! One day Ram Charan and Shanti’s son also got married. Shanti came with great wishes for his son. At the wedding, the elder brother did not invite both of his younger brothers because of his wife’s love. Here Kamal and Sushil did not break the relationship with their brother, but the relationship was now like the flower without the fragrance. But their actions come in front of you and this shanti was going to be known soon.

Time has taken a turn! Ram Charan had now been sick and mostly stayed at home. The shop was now handled by the son. One day the son was eating food and the daughter-in-law was lovingly feeding her husband. Shanti was watching all of this sitting near Ram Charan. After eating the son’s food, Ramcharan was eating a meal and Shanti was sitting with him.

daughter-in-law bread was being kept in Ramcharan’s plate. The bread was becoming burnt. But It is said that whatever the monkey is accomplished but not leave the horse..Shanti said in a stern manner, “Why, how are you making these Bread, did your mother have taught to make such a bread?”

The only thing to hear was that the cylinder was wavy from the kitchen and it was raining on Shanti “Look mother-in-law, do not go to my mother and talk about what my mother taught me. Then she taught what she had taught, Talk to me, and what happened was that a bit of bread was burnt, if you eat something, then it will not happen, those who live in the house all day “” Ramcharan left food in the middle and went to his room.

Seeing all this listening to the son in the other room, Shanti was simply praying to God, why did not he die before seeing this day? One was my brother and sister-in-law who never saw our brother-sister-in-law by lifting our eyes, the matter of answering was so far away and today my daughter-in-law is ……….

After that day, the voice of Shanti was gone as well. As the daughter-in-law and son were running, Shanti and Ram Charan compromised to run the life in the same way. Shanti’s dictatorship had now stopped. Shanti now became a character of ridicule and kindness among his sister in law. Lost in old things had become his habit now.

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