Do it in bad times – Inspirational Story

By | January 25, 2019

Friends have a game of time. If the time is good, then your mistake seems to be a joke, and if the time is bad, the joke also becomes a mistake. The worst is needed in bad times, on the power of courage and guts, man is tempted in bad times. To explain this very well, I tell you with a good moral inspirational Story | Do it in bad times.

Once a donkey was roaming around in the forest. Suddenly a wolf came over there. Seeing that donkey, he started thinking about the mind. If I hunt for this donkey, then my two to three-day meal work will be done. He went to the donkey and said – now your life has ended.

The donkey gets nervous after hearing this. It is said bad times everyone comes … someone gets erupted,
someone get scatter. In this difficult time, the donkey said to the wolves with courage – I was waiting for you because last night God came in my dream and told me that any kind and intelligent animal will hunt you tomorrow.

It seems to you that he is a kind and wise animal. The wolf became very happy after hearing this. After this donkey said – I would be very happy if you fulfilled my last wish.

Wolf was happy He asked the donkey – tell me what is your last wish? Speak the donkey – A small stone has stuck in my last leg, will you remove it? Wolf said – This is a very small task, I do it now.

Where is the stone Speaking of this, the wolf went behind the donkey. As soon as he went to the foot of the donkey. The donkey picked up the feet and kicked it very fast. After kick, the wolf went very far away. Doing this, the donkey got time and ran away from there with speed. In an awkward time, the donkey was showing courage, guts and his wisdom and saved his life.

Friends, from this Inspirational Story…I want to explain to you that bad times face such things of life, which you did not even dream about in a good time. Only courage and guts are such things, which can turn your bad times into a good time.

Thank you!

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