D'Souza Chawl (Mahim), Mumbai – The Most haunted and mysterious places

By | December 9, 2018
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Mumbai is known as the country’s economic capital. There is no night here..Even in the night there is no darkness and life is never stopped here, but you will not believe that there is a soul between this magical city.

After taking the name of ghost, old mansion, cemetery or pictures of deserted places come to the mind, but this ghost wanders around a chawl not in the desert, where hustle and bustle of people throughout the day persists.

In the magical city of Mumbai the D’Souza Chawl of Mahim famous in its as a horror place. It is said that a ghostly soul wanders around this chawl, this ghost was used to live in this Chawl about 25 years ago. When one night a women came to take water from the well then she accidentally fell into the well and died in drowning in the well, after that the well was closed. Since then her soul is roam in chawl.

It is believed that many people have seen this ghost soul at night, but this soul is seen as a good soul. Even today, people pray for the peace of ghost soul on that well.

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