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By | December 31, 2018
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Two friends, one day went out of the desert to travel and during the course of the journey, the private talk became altercation. A friend slapped the other. A friend with slap-eating mines was hurt too, but without saying anything he sat down and wrote on the sand. Today my best friend slapped me, then both of them started moving forward.

Further he saw a lake and decided to take bath in it. The person who had slapped while bathing, While bathing the person who used to slap was drowning in the water, the other friend saved him from pulling him out of the pull. Then he started writing a stone on it, that today my best friend saved my life, then who slapped his friend and saved his life, started asking him when I slapped you, then you write on the sand, But when I saved your life, why did you write on stone?

The other friend replied that when someone hurts us, then it should be written on the sand so that whenever the wind goes, it will disappear. But when someone does a good work, then he should write on stone so that no one can erase that goodness.

From this Friendship Story we get to learn that we must always forget the evil and keep the good always alive in our hearts.

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