Good People's And Bad People's – Inspirational Story

By | November 9, 2018

It is a long time ago, once a Saint was bathing with his disciples in a village which is situated on the coast of River Ganges. Then a passerby came and asked him, “Saint, how do people live in this village, actually I want to go somewhere from my existing residence place?”

Saint said, “What kind of people live in where you live now?”

“Do not ask Saint, there is an insidious one, bad people living there.”, Said passerby.

Saint said, “In this village there are very similar people … insidious, wicked, bad …” and so on by listen this, the passers-by went ahead.

After some time a second passerby went through it. He also asked the same question to Saint,
I have to go to a new place, can you tell how people live in this village? ”

“Where do you live now, what kind of people live there?”, Saint asked the same question from passerby.

“There are best civilised, settled and good people there.”, Said passerby.

“You’ll find exactly the same type of people here … decent, settled and good ….”, Saint completed his talk and took up daily tasks. But his disciples were seeing all this and when passersby went, he asked, “Excuse me Saint, but why did you tell the both passersby different things about one place?

Saint said seriously, “The disciples usually we do not look at things as they are, but we see them as we are ourselves. Every type of people are everywhere, it depends on us which kind of people we want to see. ”

The disciples had understood their point of view and in the future they decided to focus only on good ones in life.

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