Guru Gobind Singh Quotes – Best Inspirational Quotes

By | June 3, 2019
Guru Gobind Singh Quotes

Guru Gobind Singh was a great warrior, a poet, a devotee and a spiritual master…Who founded the Khalsa Panth and He was tenth Guru of the Sikhs. He completed Guru Granth Sahib and beautified him as Guru. Let us today know the precious Quotes of Guru Gobind Singh.

Guru Gobind Singh Quotes

Quote 1: If you only keep thinking about the future, then you the present will also be lost.

Quote 2 : When you erase the ego from within you, then you will get real peace.
Quote 3 : I like those people. Who walk on the path of truth
Quote 4 : God has given us birth so that we do good work in the world and remove the evil.
Quote 5: Love is the true worship of God.

Quote 6: You can find God only through good deeds. God helps those who do good deeds.

Quote 7: Whoever tells me God, he will go to hell.

Quote 8: Think of me as his servant and do not doubt in any way.

Quote 9: When all other methods fail, it is right to raise the sword in hand.

Quote 10 : Do not desperate to run your sword on the helpless, otherwise the creator will shed your blood.

Quote 11 : He has rested his followers and helped him all the time.
Quote 12 : O God … bless me, that I have never hesitate to do good deeds.

Guru Gobind Singh Quotes

Quote 13 : The greatest happiness and lasting peace is achieved, when someone ends selfishness from within.

Quote 14 : Day and night, always meditate on God.

Quote 15 : There is no friend other than God’s name, the humble servants of God contemplate this and see this.

Quote 16 : You created the universe, you are the only giver of happiness and sorrow.

Quote 17 : The lasting peace will be achieved while serving the true master, the sufferings of birth and death will disappear.

Quote 18 : The ignorant person is completely blind, he does not value valuable things.

Quote 19 : God Himself is the forgiving.

Quote 20 : Nobody has got the name of God without any guru.

Quote 21 : Those who meditate on God’s name, they all receive peace and happiness.
Quote 22 : I look forward to the teacher who recites the teachings of God.

Quote 23 : Selfishness gives rise to inauspicious resolutions.

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