Hippocrates Inspirational Quotes – The Father of Medicine

By | June 5, 2019
Father of Medicine

Hippocrates was a Greek physician and he is considered to be the outstanding person of medical history. Because of his incomparable contribution, he is also called Father of Medicine. Let us know today’s precious thoughts of Hippocrates :

Hippocrates Inspirational Quotes – Father of Medicine

1 – Wherever, the art of medicine is loved, there is love for humanity too.

2 – Physician treats, but nature heals.

3 – If there is any shortage of food or exercise then the body will become sick.

4 – Add habit of two things: to help; Or at least do not cause any harm.

5 – The way to stay healthy is to take everyday aromatic baths and centered massages.

6 – All diseases start with stomach.

7 – Every element of a human’s diet affects its body and somehow changes it and its whole life depends on these changes.

8 – The way food is due to chronic disease, it can also be the best quality.

9 – Nature is the best doctor in itself.

10 – Your food should be your treatment and your treatment should be your food.

11 – Walking is the best medicine of human.

12 – The wise person should consider health as the greatest human blessing. Let food be your medicine.

13 – Extreme treatment is very suitable for extreme diseases.

14 – The natural forces inside us are the true healer of diseases.

15 – Everything more than necessary is against nature.

16 – Art is long, life is small.

17 – Everyone has a doctor inside, we just have to help him in his work.

18 – If someone wants his good health, then first he should ask himself … whether he is ready to remove the causes of his illness. Only then it is possible to help him.

19 – To know the truth, we should look at nature itself. During the illness, the body should look carefully.

20 – If you are not your own doctor then you are stupid.

21 – Without knowledge of astrology a physician does not have the right to call himself a physician.

22 – The greatest quality that can be in one language is clarity .. and more than the use of unknowingly words, it does not Distracted anything else.

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