Honest Monk – A True Learning Of Life

By | December 10, 2018
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Long time ago, there was a monk’s hut on the bank of the river in a forest. One day, Monk noticed that an apple in the river in front of his hut is coming up. Monk brought the apple out of the river and brought it to his hut. Monk was going to eat apples then only a voice came from their inner mined – “Is this your property? If you have not created it from your own hard work, then you have done it on this apple?

Listen to your inner voice Monk realized that he has no right to keep this fruit and eat it. Thinking so, Monk keep an Apple in his bag and went out in search of the real owner of apple. On going a little distance the monk saw an apple garden. He went to the owner of the garden and said – “This apple is falling in the from your tree and reached at my hut was flowing through the river, so I have come to return your property.”

He said, “Monk, I’m just the keeper of this garden” Owner of this garden is the queen of the state. “After listening to the garden guard, Monk Arrived near the Queen to give apple. When the Queen came to know that the Monk came after a long journey just find the owner of the apple then she was very surprised. He asked to Monk for such a long journey to a small apple. Monk said, “Queen! This journey is not for apple but for my conscience (Jamir). If my conscience was corrupted, the penance of my lifetime would have been destroyed.

Sincerely, the queen was greatly pleased and she gave to Monk the title of Rajguru and invited him to stay in his palace.

Moral Of This Story :- Friends, this story teaches us that we should be honest in every situation because the honest person always gets respect.

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