How Does Greed Ruin You – Inspirational Story

By | May 9, 2019
Inspirational Story

How Does Greed Ruin You – Inspirational Story

Once in the court of the emperor Ashoka, one question raised, Which kind of well is that? In which man does not get out after falling? ‘Nobody has been able to answer this question. In the end, Emperor Ashok said to his reign scholar Get answers to this question in seven days, or else by snatching all your wealth, you will take you out of the city.

Six days had passed. Scholar did not get the answer. Frustrated, he went to the forest. There he met a shepherd. Shepherd asked – “You are the king’s Scholar, then why so sadness on your face?

Kings’s scholar said, will you solve my problem? Shepherd said on this – “Kings’s scholar, maybe I have the answer to your question. So tell me what is the problem? Kings’s scholar told the whole thing to the shepherd.

The shepherd said that I have a stone, which makes iron from Gold. Take this from me, it will make you so much gold, that thousands of king will follow you. But, there is one condition for this? You have to be my disciple.

How Does Greed Ruin You

In the king’s scholar first, the ego came, but after thinking of sleeping, he made Yes, now the shepherd said that it is okay, then for this you have to drink my pickings water?

The king’s scholar got angry and said, how will scholar drink picking water of shephered? The shepherd said, let’s stay, I’ll go. Scholar thought the work was difficult, but once the stone was found, then have fun. Scholar got it, but the shepherd did not say, now I will drink the water myself first … then I will drink my dog ​​and after that i will give you….If approved, then speak, or if not, so i’m go. Scholar became very upset, but then he remembered that the thousand King would go back and forth, and he again agreed.

shepherd said, King’s Scholar got the answer. Right here, that well is … the wells of greed, in which once, if a person falls, then he is ready to do anything and then again he can not get out of it again …

The King’s Scholar got his answer and got a big lesson. Whenever you come in greed, you should never do any such thing … that your position and prestige should be at stake.

Hopefully, friends will always remember the lessons of this story and never come to greed, will not do any work that brings stain on your respect and honor.

Thank You!

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