How To Achieve Targets

By | February 11, 2019
How To Achieve Targets

How To Achieve Targets In Your Life – Inspirational Speech

Hello Friends, always remember that every person who has succeeded or who has achieved something in his life. Has started his work with some small work. Bill Gates has a very famous quote “start small think big”…Inspirational Speech

Bill Gates launched Microsoft from a small room and today it is the world’s largest software company. Amazon started with the sale of books, Reliance’s Dhiru Bhai Ambani used to work on petrol pump, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam used to sell newspapers. Companies such as Bata, Reebok and Adidas were initially started from a small level. But one thing was common in all of these, that they all had their beginnings was small, but thinking was always bigger.

It is not that they have never been afraid to take risk but they never gave up the courage. When one hour was needed to work then he worked for two hours. When he needed 5 hours of work then he worked ten hours. It would have been difficult for them to achieve the floor of success. They would have felt that their targets were very far away but they never let their courage break. If Bata had thought that what people would say, a shoe company would open, or Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam would have thought what people would say, newspaper seller will become a scientist. If these people were sitting after thinking about people, then today there are not so many inventions done in this whole world.

To be successful you must have a special talent, it is not necessary. You can create a special talent within your by doing hard work, repeatedly with practice and then the same talent gives you success.

So friends never think that, this will not happen to me or what people will say. No matter whatever people think about you…Keep working hard in your work and make your thinking bigger and make your dreams come true. You work hard, leave idleness and leave excuses because this will only get one thing and that is regrets…Laziness and excuse are your biggest enemies..for some time you enjoy all these things but then in the last you only get regrets.

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