How To Become Good To Great

By | April 14, 2019
Good To Great

How To Become Good To Great

Where to start or when to start, it is more important than that, who are you starting with?

Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you Jim Collins’s best seller book “Good to Great”, how can your talent be changed in performance? So to know more you read this article till end. Do you want to change your talents from good to great.

How To Change Habits

Jim Collins says in his book, People often think that great people already decide how and when they are start their work. They make all their plans in advance and then do all their work according to their own. But Jim’s research tells us that, those people who have become great from the good, They pay attention to it, when and how and with whom? they have to start work.

If your start-up is right and with expert, then the chances of getting Success are doubled. Therefore Jim says that whatever talents you have … or whatever field you want to be successful in.. Firstly find the experts of that field people. These are those people who recognise your talent and can refine them. As you think, you are become the same … So if you, will be with the right and successful people, then you will find surprising results.

Apart from this, to change his talent into performance, Jim has described the formula for three steps.

Talent: Recognising your strong points, People often try to strengthen their weak points, while, you should focus stressing on strengthening their strong points more strongly.

The easiest way is to get success for any person, which talent is already present inside him and should make it more better, that means make your strong points your strength.

Engagement – It’s a natural thing that which is your talent, you always have fun to do that work. And you can do that work without being distracted for a very long time. Because your mind prepares Relax to do that work and therefore you will have many ideas about that work.

All you have to do now is to combine your talent and your work together. So that your engagement time will increase and as mentioned in the formula –

Talent + Engagement = Performance

At this stage, your talent will change in your performance and you will be on your way to success.

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