How To Live A Beautiful Life

By | April 2, 2019
Beautiful Life
How To Live A Beautiful Life

How To Live A Beautiful Life

Once a Joker narrated a very Wonderful Joke in the circus filled with spectators. The Joke was so spectacular that the eyes of the laughing-laughing audience began to come tears. When the viewers calm down, the Joker again told the same Joke even more enthusiastically. Once again the loser came in the face of the audience.. The Joker again told the same Joke for the third time, this time the viewer’s laugh just turned into a smile only. And when the fourth time, Joker again say this Joke again then no audience was laughing.

One of the crowd shouted “Why are you repeatedly boring by saying one joke?”

Then Joker asked the people sitting there … When you can not laugh at one of my jokes, then why do you keep thinking about the same mistake made in your life repeatedly and worrying and do not go ahead in life. Remember that we are human and making mistakes is in our nature. With these mistakes we learn and move forward.

Every invention of this world is the result of learning from the mistakes made by somebody. From a small electric bulb to the largest ship of this world. Nothing was perfect at first, people repeatedly made mistakes in making them … then learned from those mistakes and went on moving forward. Every great man of this world has made greats mistakes in his life, But he never stopped.

Then why do people always keep on cursing themselves with their little mistakes? Why you have kept a unseen wall overlooking your all around?

Remember that you are a human being and have a history of humanity, since they have come into existence … Since then, they made mistakes and learned from them, have reached this halt today. So do not give yourself punishment for your mistakes in life. Learn from your mistakes and go ahead. This beautiful life is standing for you. … go ahead and live your beautiful life.

Thank You!

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