How To Stay Consistent In Life

By | March 5, 2019

Inspirational Short Stories About Life

How much is needed in consistency life. Often we set targets and do planning and then one day do work full enthusiasm. Then the second day, after going to the third day and a week all our enthusiasm gets cold. Ever wondered why this happens? (Inspirational Short Stories About Life)

Today I give you my own example. When I started blogging, I kept the target that I would posted 10 posts a day. It was now that on the day I had some time, I did not work. Or the day I could not put 10 posts, that day I used to feel bad.. The result was that my enthusiasm gradually ended, because I could not often have posted 10 posts. First, there was a gap of one day and then slowly the gap grew and as the gap grew, I started thinking what I am doing? Why have I set such a big target? I talked to many big bloggers and I was surprised to know that all of them had said that He also made these mistake, in the beginning. But now they put only one or more two posts in a day, but with complete consistency.

I noticed that when I had set the day’s target on 10 posts, I only posted 45 posts in the last 30 days and now when I set the day’s target on one post, I have posted 30 posts in the last 30 days. These results were astonishing, because in it I was getting time for myself and there was no stress on the mind. And there was no guilt due to not being able to fulfil target.

Do You Want To Be Successful

So friends, what I want to explain to you..It’s that, do not do things by making things difficult. Rather, make them easy and do not set targets so large that you can not follow the routine … but keep the targets that are easy and that you can follow every day with full consistency without any burden. You will find a tremendous result in it.

Especially for the students, do the study for two hours with consistency and see, at the end of the year you will not have to be troubled all day.

Thank You!

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