How to transform desires into goal ?

By | April 5, 2019
How to transform desires into goal
How to transform desires into goal

Desire – wishes are all within us. It also inside me and also within you. But if everything was found simply by desire, then there are not so many unsuccessful people in this world….How to transform desires into goal

There is a desire for something and making something round your goal, both are different and you have to understand it. You have to understand that any thing that looks good to our heart can be our desire to get it. But achieving such a thing can not be our goal.

Often, we all make some mistakes. We all our every desire of take the motive of our life and start running behind them. One thing that I want to clear you today is that our wishes vary daily. Today, we have liked one thing, tomorrow when something better than it comes to us then our mind will run on that side. If you make every wishes your goal, Then you will also keep running behind your mind.

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You have to understand,who is called Goal? Our dream, on which we will take ourselves to the next level. Which will be better tomorrow than we are today. That is a motive which will become the reason for our identity in this world. The goal does not change with the time, but rather it moves from one level to another level.

Maybe, many desires will be fulfilled in your life. But all desires will never be fulfilled and due to this you will never be satisfied. But if you completed a purpose that was the goal of your life. So your face will always smile and there will be satisfaction in your mind.

Whenever there is confusion in life between desire and goal, always remember that the desire is short term and the goal is long term. You can not spend the whole life with the support of desire, but one goal can determine the path of your whole life.

The purpose of this was to tell you the difference between Desire and Goal and hopefully you have understood this difference …

Thank You!

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