Human Psychology Behaviour

By | January 28, 2019

Human psychology behaviour

Friends, we should never say that any person is wrong on his face. By doing so, the person in front of you will be angry and may even start hating you. Using your brain The person in the front should explain different ways that he is wrong. Human psychology behaviour

We understand this with short moral story Human psychology behaviour. A man named Mohan used to trade sandalwood. It earned a lot of name in this business. On the other hand, there was a carpenter named Sohan. Who had made good things from different types of woods, but he never used sandalwood sticks.

Once a man asked Sohan to make a table from sandalwood’s timber. Sohan came to know that a person named Mohan does business of sandalwood. Sohan went to his shop but Sohan did not like sandalwood.

He started reducing the lack of Mohan’s timber in front of Mohan. Now Mohan had two ways. Firstly – they also get angry and lose one of their customers. Thereby causing damage to his business. Second – He controls his anger and earns profit by selling the goods to one of his clients.

Mohan chose another path. He asked Sohan – have you ever used sandalwood timber? Sohan said, no, I will work on sandalwood for the first time. After listening to this, Mohan said – you take sandalwood timber.

If you do not enjoy after working then I will refund all the money. You can also keep these timber for free as well. Sohan thought – this is a very good deal. He started working with the timber.

They first felt good by working on those timber. Sohan realized that he should not have called Mohan’s timber bad. For this, Sohan apologized to Mohan.

What we learn from this short moral story Human psychology behaviour that Mohan knew that Sohan is wrong. If he wanted to prove his point by quarreling with him, Mohan did not do this. He did not say on Sohan’s mouth that he is wrong.

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