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By | November 26, 2018

Today I have brought you very interesting articles in front of you from which you will know some interesting information about Dog, which you all like…so let’s start…

Apart from humans all over the world, a dog is such a creature who recognizes the human problem by looking at the eyes. If not sure then, the dog in your house try it on. Beware of dogs, This warning was written on the door of a house in Rome, about 2761 years ago. 

Power of hearing is 1000 times more than human 

  • The power of hearing is 1000 times more than the human being. 
  • Even the power of listening to dogs is 5 times more than a normal human being. 
  • You will be surprised to know that dogs and wolves have similar DNA 98 percent because the ancestors of these two were the same. 
  • The whole body of the dog has only two organs, nose and claws where sweat comes from. 
  • Humans have only 4 types of blood, but dogs have 13 types of blood. 
  • Every single dog roaming in Japan keeps a bag near you so that the dog stool can be kept in that bag. 
  • Cats and dogs are also the right hand and left hand as human beings. 
  • Feeding chocolates to dogs can also cause them to die, so do not feed the chocolate to the dog. 
  • When a puppy is born then, he is deaf and blind and does not even have teeth. 
  • You will be surprised to know that dogs also dream like humans. When the dog is dreaming, the paws of it are moving. 

22 million smelling cells 

  • The German Shepherd breed’s dog has 22 million tons of smelling power cells. Whereas there is only 5 million inside a normal human being. 
  • The dog’s smelling power is very tremendous and about 17,000 times more than human. If he is allowed to smelling to one thing, he will easily recognize his smell again. They can also smell to the disease. This is the reason that dogs are used to catch explosives and narcotics. 
  • The wolf can also be trained like a dog. 
  • The dog feels very hot in his body, nose and claws are the only part where sweat comes out. 
  • If your dog has left the house then do not follow it. Lie down on the floor and show that you got hurt, your dog will himself return to see you. 

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