Intelligent Nomad – Short Inspirational Story

By | December 12, 2018
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If there is a difference between animal and human life, then it is “intellect”, on which, the human being has reached such heights today. So far we have made a lot of progress from our intelligence. Our story of today is based on the fact that “Intelligent Nomad” is a short motivational story.

A very hard working Nomad lived in a village. Once he landed the Multani soil over the bulls from his village and went out to sell the city. There were many villages on the way to reach the city. When he passed through those villages, after seeing the quality of soil, many people in the village bought it from him. When reaching the city, the sacks covered with soil were half empty and only half filled are left. He was very happy, but the problem was that now half sacks of soil will stand on the backs of bulls? Because the sacks of wieght had become one side. The servants who came along with their problems expressed their problems with their master. Nomad said, “Hey! What do you think, fill sands on one side of the sacks. This is the soil of Rajasthan, there is a lot of sand here. The servants did exactly the same. Now on the back of the bulls one side has become sand and on one side the Multani soil.

He was a little far ahead that he got a second dealer from Delhi. If the dealer saw the sand falling on one side of the sacks loaded on the bulls, eagerly ask, – Why is the sand on one side filled in sacks? The servants respectfully said, “To balance.” The dealer smiled and said, “Hey! Are you stupid It seems like you and your boss are the same.

They are killing them on loads of bulls for free. Put half the sacks of soil on one side so that some bulls can run without load. After listening to the dealer, the servant said, “Sir! Your point is absolutely right, but we do not do anything without the permission of our boss. Please explain this to our boss.

The dealer met with the owner of the bulls and told them the same thing. Hearing the dealer, Banjara asked, “Sir! Where are you from and where are you going? The dealer said, “I am the resident of Ajmer Sharif. Went to Delhi to earn money…some days went to Delhi, then became ill. Those who had earned a small amount were spent in treatment. There is a loss in business, there is nothing left in the hand, then thought, now we should go home. Hearing the dealer, Nomad said to his servants, “We should not consult the dealer.

We will walk just like they were walking. Their intelligence looks fine, but the result is not correct, if the result was right then it would be rich today. Our wisdom may not be right, but the result of our actions is always good, so we have never loss in business. We should not believe this dealer.

In a few days, the nomad reached Delhi with his bulls. There he went to the market to make different piles of both the soil and sand, and ordered his servants to keep the bulls in a good place of fodder or water in the forest and said that if bulls are fed here, then how will they earn profit? | The sale of the dealer’s soil began in market. On the other hand, the king of Delhi became ill. Vedh advised that if the king resides on the mounds made of sand of Rajasthan, the king’s health can be cured. The sand has the power to healthy body. Therefore, the king should be sent to Rajasthan.

“Why Rajasthan should send”, why not take Rajasthan’s sands here. (Suggested by the cabinet)

King, after listening to the cabinet, ordered to get the sand of Rajasthan.

The next day, the king’s army arrived in the Delhi market to take the sand. Soldiers hit the entire market, but the sand of Rajasthan could not be found anywhere. They are very Tired and sit on the cross street of the market.

At that time, suddenly he looked at a multinational soil shop. Where there was a sand pile along with multani soil. They thought, “After this great difficulty, this sand has been found, now whatever the value of it is, buy it without any price.”

The soldiers of the emperor went to near the Nomad and asked for money.

Where is this sand?

Rajasthan, (Nomad said adding his hand) We need all this sand at any price, you tell the price of this sand. After listening to the soldier, Banjara said, there is one price for both sand or maltani soil, both will come with equal load throught bulls. On hearing of Nomad, Soldier bought the whole sand.

The reasoning of the story is that, if Banjara would accept the statement of the Dealer coming from Delhi, then today, can never sell the sand of Rajasthan on the prices of multani soil. That’s why we get the education from this story, that we should always take a decision after listening to our heart. In the talk of others, decision-makers always repent in life.

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