Jeff Bezos Quotes – Best Inspirational Quotes

By | June 4, 2019
Jeff Bezos Quotes

One of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs….Who revolutionised the online shopping world through its company, Amazon.Com…We are talking about Jeff Bezos. And today at UIW, we are sharing a collection of their most valuable ideas with you.

Jeff Bezos Quotes

1 – If you double the experiments you make every year, then you will double your inventiveness.

2 – This life is too short to spend time with people who are not resourceful.

Resourceful : A person who can easily solve the difficult problems.

3 – For a company, a brand is like a reputation to a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

4 – The only way getting out of a tight box is to find your way.

5 – You will have to peep in the future and find out what to do … because complaining is not a strategy.

6 – In Amazon we had three big ideas from which we have been sticking to the last 18 years, and they are the reasons for our success: Keep the customer first, invent, and be patient.

7 – We do not want to do things just because we can do them …Because we do not want to do anything in vain.

8 – There are two types of companies, those who work to charge more and those who work to charge less. We will be the second one.

9 – If you do not understand your business details then you will fail.

10 – The balance of power is moving away from the companies and goes towards the customer … The right way to react to this is to apply a great part of your energy, attention and money into making great products and services…

Jeff Bezos Quotes

11 – A part of company culture depends on the way the company operates – these are the lessons that you learn during the journey.

12 – On the online scale you can have 2 sizes: you can grow up or become smaller. It is very difficult to be medium.

13 – In the old world, you used to spend 30% of the time in building a magnificent service and 70% of the time tell about it. In the new world, this thing is vomit.

14 – A company should not be accustomed to being shiny, because shiny things do not last much longer.

15 – The only important thing is to focus on customer with passion. Our goal is to become the world’s largest customer-centric company.

16 – We look at our customers like the in-living guest in the party, and we are the hosts. This is our daily work that we can add to the customer experience and make every important aspect better.

17 – The best customer service is that when the customer does not need to call you and you do not need to talk to him. Just work keep going.

18 – Our approach is that we will be able to sell more if we help people to make a purchase decision.

19 – I believe that if you are going to do something new then you should be ready to be misunderstood.

20 – This is not an experiment if you know that it is going to work.

21 – There are lots of ways for satisfaction and you need to find him who works for you.

22 – I do not want to use my creative energy on anyone else’s user interface.

23 – You know … if you make a customer sad, he will tell not only 5 friends, he tell 5000 friends.

24 – If you do not want to be face criticized then never try something new for God.

25 – If you want to be inventive then be prepared to fail.

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