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By | May 18, 2019
Kabir Das Quotes

Whenever there is discussion of religion language and culture in India, then the name of Kabir Das of course comes. Kabir Das ji was a great poet and social reformer, who kept some great ideas about life in front of us … which is very important for all of us, then come know … Some inspirational thoughts of Kabir Das, Who can change your life.

Kabir Das Quotes

1- Before seeing the evil in others, any person should peep inside his own self and see that there is no bad evil in me and if so, then I do not have the right to say anything to others.

2- Those who condemn us should always keep with us. He keeps cleansing our nature without soap and water.

3- In this world, defeat is only the feelings of the mind. If a man accepts defeat in his heart, he gets defeated and if he firm decides in his mind, Victory kicks his steps.

4- A person is a saint or a thief, We knows, as soon as he speaks…. When his mouth opens, his nature comes out.

5- When you laugh at seeing the faults of others, you do not see your faults. This is the nature of man.

6- Who has emerged, it will also be gone. The one who is born will also die one day. One who has come into this world, has to go from here one day. Just your deeds, which can keep you alive in this world, even after going from this world. Therefore, try to bestow your work.

7- Just like a Date tree, only by being big, what benifits … which can neither be properly gives their shadow nor anyone can get its fruits easily.

8- When you were born, you cried and the world was laughing. Now you live your life such that when you go through this world then you laughed and tear came in the world’s eyes.

9- Anxiety is such a disease, which is not treated by any doctor in the world, neither does it see or hear to anybody.

10- Where your abilities and qualities are not used, it is useless to stay in such a place. For example … what kind of work of cloth-washer, where people do not have clothes to wear.

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