Know The Difference Between Hobbies And Passion

By | March 1, 2019

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The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos and the world’s richest person, once gave lectures to college students, saying that – often people fail because they do not know distinguish between their Hobbies and their Passion. People think that those work they like to work … they can become their passion. While the truth is that we do not choose our passion but our passion selects us. Hobbies are always changing, so when people work according to their Hobbies, after some time they start boring with their work. That is why today we see people running here and there.. Inspirational Speech, Inspirational Words, Unique words..that have the power to change your life.

In fact, in today’s era, whatever work people find easy and in which they feel that money can come fast – they start trying to make their passions while the passions are those things whose connections directly from your heart Is connected. If you are absolutely passionate about any work then you will not have any difference in this matter, how much time you are giving to that work, the more you will do it, the more you will enjoy it. As the difficulties increase in that work, the passion of completing it will increase. While doing the Hobbies work, as the difficulties increase and the time passes then our passion gets reduced.

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Next to it, Jeff Bezos says that if you want to be innovative, then be ready to spread, because any innovation can happen only when you are repeatedly failing in it. These failures force you to find a new way and this is the only way to find out your Passion inside you.

So always try some innovative efforts and this will give you one day your passion and when you do this, in the end, when you succeed, a brand new innovation comes in front of the world. People who accept heartily and Your fate turns.

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