Learning Of Tailor – A Motivation Story

By | November 8, 2018

One day, due to the announcement of a holiday in school, a tailor’s son went to his father’s shop. Going there, he started to see his father working with great care. He saw that his father cut the cloth with the scissor and kept the scissor pressed by the leg near the foot. Then sew it with the needle and after sewn it put the needle on its cap.

When he saw this process four or five times, he did not stay with him, so he told his father that he wants to ask him one thing? Papa said: Son, what do you want to ask? Son said – Dad, I have been looking at you for a long time, whenever you are cut the cloth, then you press the scissor under the foot, and after sewn the cloth with the needle, put it on the cap, why so? The reply to which was given by the father – in those two lines, he understood the essence of life.

The answer was: “Son, the scissor works in cutting, and the needle connector works, and the place of the cutter is always low, but the place is always above the connector. That is the reason I put the needle on the cap and keep the scissor under the foot. ”

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