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By | April 25, 2019
Wrong Way

The old saying is, “Like food you eat, the mind becomes like that.” Eating has a direct impact on the body, namely the mind. As we eat a diet, its on health also has the same effect. The quality of honesty and hard earned food is just like that, while the money coming through theft, dishonesty and thugs comes with various types of diseases and suffering. Despite this, people do not try to understand this and those who understand this thing, they are not ready to improve themselves….Leave The Wrong Way

According to the scriptures, the wealth received by sorrowing others can never bring happiness. By earning hard work, diligence, virtue and service, only the wealth earned, stop near to human beings and provides sustainable benefits.. No fertility results from dishonesty earnings and it hurt us from all sides.

It is written in the Mahanvivaran system that, “The householder who does not earn money, he is unrighteous.”

Be Selfish If You Want Success

There was a great saint. Many of his disciples used to be. Once they went to a city .. As they went there his disciples began to crowd. One of those disciples used to be “Gopal”, he also went for the meet of the Saint.

His face was very hung and he was very sad. Seeing the face, the saint took a guess. They asked the reason for the problem. Gopal said, I’m really very upset. The saint asked, “Tell the whole thing, why are you troubled”?

Gopal started to say, there is a young boy in the house and a girl. They have become quite enlightened. Wife always remains raucous. At every time in the house, quarrels always persist. The saint said slowly, this means that, you are wrongly working in earning money nowadays and that money is spreading its evil effects in your home. Listening to the saint, Gopal Chonka and said, no, there is no such thing. I am not doing any wrong business. The saint said, I just want to say that..

The person who earns the wrong way, he is troubled in some form. Because, in the wrong way, with the help of money, which will bring food… It will be eaten, its effect falls on the behaviour and personality of the person. So if you do any such work, then leave it … will be happy. Upon hearing this, Gopal went to the house. The saint also returned to his ashram a few days later.

About a year later, Gopal came to the saint’s ashram with his family. He bowed down to the saint and the Saint asked him, “Say, what is the situation now?”

Then Gopal said, “Now I and my family are very happy and stay together with love … because after you said me, I realised my mistake and I started working hard, leaving wrong way to earn money And today I earn less money, but I am very happy. “

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