Lightning Storm, Venezuela ( Mysterious Place On Earth )

By | December 1, 2018

Maracabo Lake is situated on the west side of Venezuela’s west south region. Electricity shines above this lake. Here, there is a record of 250 times lightning shines every year in every square kilometer. Here, along with the lightening shines, the sound of thundering of clouds in the sky is also heard. Here, the number of lightning shines in the months of January and February decreases, but the number of lightning shines in May and October is very high. Electricity shines more than 200 times every night in these months. There is so much brightness in the lightning above this lake that it is visible from a distance of 400 kilometers. According to the research done by scientists, due to the high levels of methane in the oiled areas near the lake, there is more electricity in the sky. But there is also a place in the world where methane is high, but there is no such incident as lightning shines.

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