Money or Respect – Inspirational Story

By | May 6, 2019
Money or Respect

Money or Respect- Inspirational Story

A father was often upset with his son. Not only from the son’s incompetence, just because the son was earning less than the people around him. But son who used to work, he used to do with great diligence. In his mind, something was going on beyond the father’s thinking.

Seeing the growing age of the son, the father started worrying and Staying from father did not go

With great anger – you know, how old is your age? father said.

Son very innocence – yes I know, I have been 26 years old.

So what will continue to be like this whole age? You do not have to do anything, father said.

I have been doing, son said.
What is doing All day long you are engaged in mobile. father said.

Dad, Mobile is in my hands throughout the day, it does not mean that I am doing just passing time. Well, now you’ve gone to teach the father. The mobile is just time pass, the father said.

Money or Respect – Inspirational Story

Father did not know what the son used to do in the phone. Son wanted to be a writer. He wanted to do that, through which the world would get a learn. He used to just write and very soon his writing was going to change in the book. But he never gave importance to money, he just wanted to write a book. Wanted to bring your thinking to the world.

I do not want to hear anything … silently find a job and worked, father said. But what will happen from him? dad. After listening Father got angry.. From that I can tell the people that my son also works and earns money.

If you want money, then why a job? From that 20, 25 thousand will come, I do some wrong work, millions of money will come…The son said. Stop the nonsense, this is the only thing left. You want to stop coming out of my house too, Father said.

Son coming near and talk to Father, That’s same I want to. I can give you money so much, There could be no shortage of bread throughout the life and there could be terrace to live. And respect is so much that you can live respectfully in the world, and You’re proud of being my father. I just want it, and I keep on trying it. Seeing the truth in the eyes of the son, the father’s anger stopped. Father said, ‘You do it, father said and they left.

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