Moving Stones – Death Valley ( Mysterious Place On Earth )

By | December 1, 2018

Have you ever seen stones running on your own? In California’s death valley, some stones themselves move from one location to another. There is also a puzzle for NASA to move stones from one place to another. These stones move on their own and move forward. Which makes their trail even behind them. Some of these stones weigh up to 1 tones. Walking stones themselves has become a mystery for scientists. However no one saw those stones moving with their eyes. In the winter, these stones can be set up by 250 meters away. A team of scientists was formed in 1972 to solve this mystery. The team wrote different names on a group of stones and studied those stones for 7 years. One stone was named Kerin. The weight of this stone was approximately 317 kg. During the study of the scientists, this stone did not go away from its place. But when the scientists returned a few years later, they found the stone named Kerin about 1 km away. Scientists have found during their research that due to high speed winds and night frozen ice and surface of wet clay over the surface, the stone slips from one place to the other.

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