Never Give up – Read this Definitely before Give up

By | March 25, 2019
Never Give up
Never Give up Source

Never Give up – Read this Definitely before Give up

Dreams often we see for ourselves, but with them every person is connected, which is linked to our life. We all have a time in our life when everything is going against us. The atmosphere of frustration and despair become all around, Even the decisions that were correct till yesterday, today they goes wrong. We are getting rejection from every side….Never Give up

Our condition is like a cut bird, which knows how to fly, but its circumstances are such that it is not able to fly. This is the time when many of our dreams break. When we face the reality of life, then we realise that these worlds are not the same as we used to think about it. There is no place for the losers, this world salutes those who win the world. Or say that everyone salute to the rising sun.

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This is the time, which gives us realisation that how important it is to be successful here. The failure person does not have any value here. The one who wins is the emperor, this formula runs here. It is said that life always teaches us a few lessons. Those who do not give up, their reasons for victory are those failures.

If you take lessons from your failure.. Then you can also become the next Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Edison or Einstein. Just need to keep learning and keep trying. Do not give up, Even then, when you know this that it is the last breath of your life.

If you have fallen then get up and handle yourself. Start moving again, as it is the life. You will feel stumbled, everyone seems to be you too will feel.. But do not fear them. You did not just kill yourself, you killed your entire family. You killed all those who believed in you. Would you like to do this? No. Understand one thing, even if you see the dream alone, but your dreams are linked about everyone from all around you. From whom you love so much and also those who believe in you very much.

So before Give up, once you put your hand on your heart, think about all those people and think about those persons who are connected with you.

Thank You!

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