Never Stop Dreaming – Inspirational Speech

By | January 2, 2019

Never Stop Dreaming – Inspirational Speech

Every man decorates beautiful dreams in his eyes and tries very hard to fulfil them. Success in life comes from those Dreams. There is no age for dreaming and as long as the person tries to make dreams a reality, then his life continues on the steps of success. But in our country, after 35 or 40 years of age, people begin to stop dreaming. They start thinking that what they wanted to become, they became. Those who wanted to learn, they learned, what is the use of learning more? Life has not been left to do anything else. Now what has become, will have to move on the same path.

Those who have such negative thought can become blocked in the way of development in their life. Apart from this, many people start thinking negative too, that they were not able to become in the life. In this way, people who cross the age of 35 – 40 seem to find that there will not be anything new in their life, now it is too late to do anything new. Our way of moving forward has closed. The energy of the body and mind is not even like the previous one.

But if one is determined to do something in his life, then age does not obstruct his work and the energy of the body does not obstruct his work; Because of its determination, it happens with the power of mind. Therefore, every obstruction or difficulty has to be forced to bend forward. Due to the power of this mind, “Leonardo da Vinci” created one of his famous paintings “Monalisa” at the age of 51, and it was most admired in his life.

Similarly, the intense personality “Nelson Mandela” continued to struggle long in his life and after 75 years of age, he became president of South Africa. If these people think of weakening of their age and body, and energy, and neglected, they might not have achieved any special success in such a old age. Famous conductor of Indian culture “Goswami Tulsidas” also started writing Ramcharit Manas at the age of 90. Similarly, there are many such faces in different dimensions of life, there are countless examples, whose dreams have tasted success after a long struggle.

The British novelist and poet “C. S. Llu” said that we are not so old that they can not create new goals, they can not see new dreams; Because there is no obstruction in making goals and dreaming in front of us. So instead of running away from them, we are ready for them. If we refuse to move forward, set goals and dream, then no one will be able to prepare us for this. To move forward in our own life, we have to be ready to do something ourselves. From the outer world we can get inspiration for this, but our inner conscience must self-motivated and we must also try it ourselves.

The possibility of improving life always happens, we just need to grow more. First of all, it is important to know about yourself that what do we want? Just knowing this, we decide our half way. After the objective and direction of life has been determined, to achieve what we want, to make it suitable plans should be made to reach it.

Divide your work plan into small goals and then work according to the plan. Along with this, increase your Efficiency. Try as much as possible to identify and remove your shortcomings. Regardless of whoever is an expert of the specified work, from time to time consulting and consultation doubles our progress, exposes our shortcomings, which we can overcome by moving forward in a better way.

There are some things in life for which age is never interrupted, such as to start studies, to improve careers, to improve relationships, to become Famous and successful, to get rid of their bad habits To learn good habits, to increase efficiency, to fulfil your dreams, bring self Improvement, to travel the world etc. Therefore, any of these tasks can be selected and given a good direction to their life.

It should be noted that to see the dreams, there is no need of age to achieve success in it, just our will is needed. Our situation can not interfere in our situation, if we are determined to fulfil them. The great scientist and former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also used to say, “Do not give up dreaming in life.” Such a famous Philosopher has said – “There is no old man in his life till he is busy doing his dreams.” When her dreams die, she remains incomplete, she feels helpless too. Therefore, Keep Dreaming always and your Dreams should never die, they should always be alive; “Because the dreams that are decorated in our eyes are the sources of our hopes.”

Dear Friends, We hope that you have liked this very Happy Dreaming Motivational Article and you will be very motivated and excited to read this article. Good luck to all my friends, that you always keep on dreaming new dreams and keep fulfilling dreams and keep on crossing new heights of success.

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